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ANDERSON — A former Anderson police officer who last year was under investigation by the Indiana State Police for suspicion of child molestation turned himself in Monday on unrelated charges of child molestation and child solicitation.

According to his attorney Zaki Ali, Matthew R. Blakeley, 40, of Alexandria was booked and released in part to prevent overcrowding at the Madison County Jail because of the COVID-19 pandemic and because, as a former police officer, he might be in danger from other inmates he may have arrested.

“He was allowed to surrender himself to the jail as a courtesy through the prosecutor’s office and the Indiana State Police,” he said.

Both investigations were started by exes seeking revenge, Ali said.

“This is the motivation of a disgruntled former girlfriend,” he said of the current investigation. “This case will be either dismissed or we’re going directly to trial. My client will not plead guilty, and he will absolutely proceed to trial. With sex crimes cases, either you have a client who truly is a predator, or you have some kind of ill motive. In this case, you have ill motive, and that’s why my client is going to trial with this.”

According to the four-page probable cause affidavit prepared by David Preston, ISP received a request on May 11 from Anderson Police Chief Jake Brown to start an investigation on Blakeley. Brown reported that Detective Trent Chamberlin had been approached by a jail officer who alleged Blakeley, her ex-husband, had molested her daughter around 2002.

The Herald Bulletin has a policy of not identifying alleged victims of sexual abuse.

According to the affidavit, the alleged victim, now an adult, told investigators she was about 7 years old when Blakeley was watching her and her younger sister while their mother worked. She reported Blakeley molested her after her sister was sent to bed.

Blakeley told investigators he believes the allegation is the result of a May 4 incident between him and his ex-wife’s current husband, a sergeant at the jail.

Last year, Blakeley, who previously served as K-9 officer for the Alexandria Police Department and as resource officer at Alexandria-Monroe Jr.-Sr. High School, was placed under investigation and placed on paid administrative leave for suspicion of child solicitation. However, a special prosecutor decided not to file charges.

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