ANDERSON — The Madison County Chamber is partnering with sporting goods store Pacesetter to ensure local businesses have access to customizable masks. Ten percent of Madison County proceeds will also be donated back to the community for development and improvement projects.

Pacesetter is a family-owned sporting goods store in Terre Haute owned by Frankton native Brent Compton. While it specializes in selling products to sports teams and their players, the pandemic made those sales sparse.

To adapt to the changing market, Compton had the idea to start making and selling masks for sports teams. Soon, those team masks turned to masks for general public use.

Compton then shifted this new sales tactic into an idea of how to keep local businesses open during the pandemic by offering them access to masks.

Pacesetter reached out to Madison County Chamber President and CEO Clayton Whitson with this collaboration proposal and Whitson happily agreed.

“I jumped all over it,” Whitson said. “Anything that we can do to help facilitate our member businesses staying open, we want to do.”

Compton said masks are now one of the primary things Pacesetter sells, with several thousand sold already according to Compton’s estimation.

“At the time, it seemed very temporary,” Compton said. “Well now, four months later, it’s grown into one of the most major items we’re now producing.”

Local businesses were hit especially hard when the pandemic shut things down. Big corporations like Walmart were allowed to stay open while more local businesses weren’t given many options, Compton said.

He hopes, though, that this new collaboration will not only help keep local businesses alive, but benefit the community in the long run with the 10% donation back into the community.

“We feel it’s an important piece to building quality of life and improving Madison County’s quality of life rankings for the chamber to start taking on some of these ideas and initiatives,” Whitson said. “Pacesetter knew that vision ahead of time and wanted to help collaborate and facilitate the beautification of Madison County.”

Customers have the option to customize the face masks in several ways, whether that be the style of the ecstatic loops or the pattern on the mask itself. Customers can also put a logo of their favorite sports team or company on a mask.

Whitson said the goals of this collaboration are to stop the virus from spreading, give businesses a place to buy masks and advance their branding.

“Not everybody knows where they can get a mask, some you may be able to find at Meijer or you might be able to get them through the PPE exchange, but we wanted to provide an alternative route where folks can get them,” Whitson said.

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