ANDERSON — For almost 29 years, patrons of the Anderson Public Library were greeted by the huge smile and warm greeting from Martha Green.

Green, 64, recently retired from the public library as a circulation clerk and now plans to become more active with local charities.

Many local residents are familiar with Green for her singing talents with her own local band.

But for others it’s her long-standing employment with the library.

Fellow library worker Susan Thompson said Green is the best example of customer service she has ever seen.

“I read through an extensive list of qualities of good customer service and I could see Martha in each one,” she said. “She’s patient and attentive. She takes the time to enjoy interacting with everyone.”

Thompson said Green knows so many of the people who come to the library by name.

“When I started, the library was not computerized so we still had the card catalogs,” Green recently recalled. “I was an audio-visual clerk. We had puzzles, slides and film strips.”

But Green’s time in the building at 12th and Main streets dates back before she went to work in the library.

“I worked in this building for Sears,” she said. “I worked pretty much every department at Sears in sales. I was watching television at Sears when President Ronald Reagan got shot.”

Green went with Sears when they moved to the Mounds Mall and eventually went to work at the library.

“It was time to retire,” she said. “I had a really tough year. My younger brother passed away during the year and there was a lot of stress. I can’t stand on my feet for seven or eight hours anymore.”

The last day was for saying goodbye to her co-workers.

“I love the people I work with and I love my customers,” Green said. “Many have become lifelong friends. You become a shoulder for the people coming into the library.

“I’ve been told that I’m the heart and soul of the library,” she said. “I’m the big sister of the department. I will miss the people and the kids. I’ve seen four generations of some of these families that come to the library.”

Green said she will now have more time for singing.

“I started singing after graduating from high school,” she said. “Dan Daugherty got me involved in singing. He worked at Sears with me.

“Dan was putting a band together and asked me to sing.”

Her band, the Martha Green Project, is still active, but takes the winter months off.

“I will have more time to volunteer with local charities,” Green said. “I will help at the Christian Center and volunteer at the library.”

Green said people laughed when she first started working at the library because of her loud voice when greeting people.

“I promote the library every chance I can and will continue to do so,” she said. “There is a wealth of knowledge that is available and we look at every issue from all perspectives.”

Green would like to try her hand at acting with local civic theater groups.

“Life is meant to be fun,” she said.

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