ANDERSON — A day after a fight at Anderson High School resulted in multiple arrests, officials were reviewing video of the incident from multiple sources and had put additional precautions in place to ensure student safety.

Cell phone video of the incident, which appeared to take place in the school’s main lobby, shows at least nine students trading punches as the brawl escalated while two administrators tried to intervene.

Officers were called to the high school in response to the fight, Anderson Police Department spokesman Caleb McKnight confirmed, but the participants had been separated by the time officers arrived.

Three male juveniles were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct, according to a police report.

An Anderson Community Schools statement provided to The Herald Bulletin on Thursday reads: “There was a student altercation at Anderson High School yesterday. Staff responded in a timely and appropriate manner. Students involved in the altercation have been disciplined.”

An ACS spokesman said the school was placed on a precautionary “soft lockdown,” which meant that other students remained in their classrooms until after the fight was broken up. Students were released from the building at their normal dismissal time.

The incident remains under investigation. No issues were reported at the school Thursday.

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