ALEXANDRIA — The Alexandria Board of Works is considering a request to install two teller windows at a cost of up to $5,776 to increase security for the two employees at the city’s utility office.

“Bills are going up, and people’s tempers are getting shorter,” City Maintenance Director Mark Talmadge told the Works Board on Monday.

Some people are losing their cool over water bills that have increased after the city raised rates to cover the cost of stormwater and wastewater separation required under an agreed order with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The cost of the windows could be as low as $2,022 each for simple tempered glass but as much as $2,888 each for a Level 1 bulletproof glass that could stop a bullet from a 9mm gun. The cost is only for the 30-inch by 36-inch windows, which would be installed by city employees during a renovation that is taking place and expected to be complete by the end of the year.

The windows also will meet standards required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Talmadge said.

“These also will take care of our ADA issues,” he said. Those needed to be resolved in order for the city to remain grant-compliant for state and federal funds.

A solid steel door also is being installed to improve security, Talmadge said.

The board is taking Talmadge’s request under advisement and is expected to vote on it at the next meeting 5:30 p.m. Nov. 18 at City Hall.

“Obviously, safety is very important to us,” member Gina Brisco said.

Asked to weigh in at Brisco’s request, Alexandria Police Chief Matt Ellis said he didn’t think installing top-tier glass for the protection of utility employees would be considered overkill.

“I think if the money’s there, it would be a no-brainer to go ahead and do that,” he said.

Alexandria Clerk-Treasurer Jill Scott said, if approved, the cost of the glass would be shared by the budgets of each of the city’s utilities.

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