“Thirty is old,” said Joslin Bronnenberg of her school.

Bronnenberg is a fifth-grader at Anderson Christian School and has participated in the week’s activities to celebrate the school’s 30-year anniversary.

“I’ve had fun this week,” said Bronnenberg.

The students received birthday cake and ice cream on Tuesday to kick off the week’s festivities. Wednesday, each class was asked to create thirty of something to put on display. Classes came up with everything from a giant papier-mache tree with the number 30 pasted all over the branches and trunk to posters with items such as 30 acts of courage.

Thursday the children dressed in ’70s attire. “I wore a black velvet skirt and a black turtleneck with a shawl,” said Mary Staats, 12. “I was a hippy without the tie-dye.”

Friday morning approximately 250 of the students gathered wearing their school colors, red, white and blue, on the front steps of the chapel to recreate the first class photograph taken 30 years ago.

After the photograph was taken, the children sang “Happy Birthday” to the school.

Anderson Christian School began on Jan. 16, 1976 as a preschool with ten students and one teacher. It was originally located where the Crestview Center is now.

“We outgrew that and moved here in 1980,” said Janet Cunningham, childcare and preschool director who has been with ACS for 24 years. “We had a staff of one and now it’s close to 50.”

Approximately 300 students, ranging in age from five months old to eighth grade, attend Anderson Christian School located at 2625 Lindberg Rd.

To commemorate the occasion and create a glimpse of the past for future students, each class got together and made something to put inside a time capsule.

The capsule, for now, will be stored in the safety deposit box at their bank to be buried after a current construction project is finished.

“My class loves to put together puzzles,” said Julia Garner. “We made puzzles about ACS and what we do in first grade.”

Other classes made everything from videos to slide shows.

When asked what she likes best about her school, Staats, who is in sixth grade and attended ACS since she was a child, said, “I’d have to say the friends you make. I’ve made a lot of friends over the years. It’s pretty cool.”

Even after 30 years, the school is continuing to grow. A construction project is underway to build seven more childcare classrooms, a full-size gymnasium and a youth center. The project is funded by Lindberg Church of Christ, which is in partnership with the school. “We hold our school in the church,” said Steve Cunningham, director of development and school board member.

Along with teachers, administrators and school board members, parents and volunteers are the key to keeping ACS going. “We couldn’t manage without parents and volunteers,” said Janet. “Parents help in a lot of different ways such as fundraising, field trips and special events.”

Teachers, as well as students had many hopes for the future of their school. “I hope we’re still here and still having the influence of bringing people to Christ as well as giving a good education to students,” said Garner.

Tom Snell, administrator, said he is proud of the positive impact the school has made on Anderson. “I think it’s created stability and strength of character to the makeup of our community. We’d like to see ourselves grow and serve more people.”

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