Evelyne's Day Care

Evelyne’s Day Care on Riviera Drive is under investigation by a state agency after a man who lived there was arrested on child molesting charges involving children who attended the day care.

ANDERSON — An Anderson man living at a day care center has been arrested on charges of child molesting.

Frankie Thimothus, 77, 2300 block of Riviera Drive, was arrested by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday on a Level 4 felony charge.

Thimothus resides at Evelyne’s Day Care, which is operated by his sister and licensed by the state.

The Level 4 felony charge carries a possible prison sentence of two to 12 years if Thimothus is convicted.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said his office will investigate the issuance of the license and that the Indiana Attorney General’s office would investigate any complaints against the day care.

When contacted, Evelyne Thimothus declined to comment and said she had to talk with her attorney.

The probable cause affidavit states that Frankie Thimothus had sexual contact with a 3-year-old boy and a 14-month-old girl while they were at the day care facility.

The parents of the two children told investigators that prior to late December the children said they didn’t want to go to day care and made comments about “Papaw Frank.”

The couple took their children to Community Hospital Anderson after noticing a cut and bruising around the girl’s genital area.

During a Kids Talk interview, the boy told investigators that Frankie Thimothus had touched him and had the boy touch Thimothus.

According to the court documents, Thimothus’ room was right next to the day care area in the back porch of the residence.

The Indiana Department of Child Services conducted interviews at Kids Talk with other children, ages 5 and 8, who attended the day care, who revealed that “Other children go into Papaw Frank’s room and sometimes the door is open and sometimes the door is closed with the children and Papaw Frank inside,” the court document states.

Frankie Thimothus, according to his sister, only speaks Haitian Creole and, during his initial court appearance Friday, an interpreter was used.

Criminal Magistrate Jason Childers learned Frankie Thimothus lives at the residence with children present.

As a result of the no-contact order, Childers told Frankie Thimothus that he couldn’t reside at the Riviera Drive address because of the presence of children.

Childers set bond at $20,000 full cash because of the nature of the crime, the risk to the community and the fact he has no place to live.

“Without another address, you can’t be released,” Childers said.

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