Jojo Gentry

Jojo Gentry

ANDERSON — Former FOX59 and CBS4 sports reporter JoJo Gentry has accepted a position at Bar Communications, where she will serve as the director of strategic communications.

Bar Communications is a public relations firm located in Indianapolis that helps clients build their reputation.

While Gentry, an Anderson native, has enjoyed working in journalism, she is excited for this new start.

“Working in journalism means you work some odd hours. This is the first time in about seven years that I haven’t worked until midnight,” Gentry said. “I would say, ultimately I’m the happiest I’ve been personally and professionally.”

As she was considering career options, Gentry was connected with Brad Rateike, the founder of Bar Communications, through people she knew in the sports industry.

“I was looking for opportunities outside journalism at the time as well and when I met Brad, I realized what he [was] looking for is what I had to offer,” Gentry said. “I wasn’t looking to just join any public relations firm. When I met Brad, I realized I could be very successful and be just as successful with the team he already has.”

Gentry is honored to be able to work alongside Rateike, as he had worked for former President Donald Trump.

“The experience that he brings having worked for a U.S. president is invaluable to us and I love learning from him from that aspect,” Gentry said.

As the director of strategic communications, Gentry works on developing public messaging for clients and connects them with media to help gain exposure.

Gentry graduated from Butler University in 2015 and credits her current success to her journalism studies there.

During her time at Butler, Gentry worked as a news reporter for the Butler Beat, the campus news show, and hosted Inside Butler Football for three years. Gentry also interned at WISH-TV and WTHR.

In addition to her new position, Gentry has accepted some sports sideline reporting opportunities and starting in January, Gentry will be the Board Chair of the Indiana Epilepsy Foundation.

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