ANDERSON – After a career changing women’s lives, Tami Blevins’ new mission is to change the way people in Anderson eat.

“I was disappointed with the type of food that was available here in Anderson,” said Blevins, who served as executive director of Sister 2 Sister Ministries in Anderson.

So instead of driving to Indianapolis or waiting until she visited her kids living in Chicago to eat fresh, local and healthy food again, Blevins decided to take matters into her own hands.

And this summer, with the opening of the Farm Society restaurant at 633 Jackson St., she is doing just that.

The eatery will boast locally sourced meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy crafted into healthy meals for all types of eaters, including vegan and vegetarian, keto and dairy- or gluten-free, with little or no processing.

She’s also planning to open a bakery inside that offers sugar- and gluten-free and vegan options both for carryout and dining in.

“I wanted to just bring a little urban Indianapolis to downtown Anderson Indiana. … Both kids live in Chicago, they’re kind of foodies, so I desperately wanted something new to come to Anderson,” Blevins said. “And I decided I couldn’t just wait around for someone else to do it, so I just decided it was going to be me.”

That’s not to scare off people who are just looking for some good, wholesome food, though – it’s all about options.

“It’s like, any sandwich can come on a lettuce wrap, or with sides if you don’t want sweet potato fries you can have Brussels sprouts,” she said. “Really you can build your own.”

It’s really a back-to-basics move for Blevins, who grew up eating fresh vegetables and meat off her family’s farm in Madison County.

“Just without the lard,” she said jokingly.

That history of farm living and showing animals at 4-H has also helped her find farmers who are excited to join the local farm to table movement in Madison County.

“There is a local movement of young farmers kind of doing farming on an urban scale, eager to deliver fresh produce to me,” Blevins said. “I am excited for both the farmer and the restaurant. Everyone is so yearning for that farm to table experience.”

Blevins hoped to open by early spring, but an issue with the building's wiring meant a complete teardown of all the walls, which has postponed the grand opening until near the end of June, where she will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner Wednesday through Saturday.

“Honestly, I was the one that really got to weed the garden when I was younger and I thought: ‘I don’t ever want to see a garden again,’” she said. “but here I am, and I am so excited.”

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