Annual Report 2019

Swashbuckling movie characters step aside, there is a trove of hidden treasure buried within our community for you to explore.

Each year The Herald Bulletin releases an annual report on everything from crime to business. This year we have included a special collection of stories to highlight the people and places of our past.

From a list of little known historical sites to the highlights of men and women who were born or lived here.

There are stories of bravery like Melvin Earl "Bud" Biddle who received the Medal of Honor in the United States Army for his actions in World War II.

Or Kris Roe, who formed a rock band in Anderson and is best known for the hit cover song, originally recorded by Don Henley, "The Boys of Summer.”

And then there are bone-chilling tales like that of Lowell "Ed" Amos who has been featured on television as the “Black Widower.”

Discover why Madison County and our surrounding communities are treasured and how the people who lived here helped change history.


Discover the rich past of Madison County and 80 of its historic hidden treasures in an audio tour of the county's townships, narrated by Madison County Historian Stephen Jackson. Hear fascinating facts and surprising stories about sites you drive by every day without knowing their importance to the area's history. Find this treasure exclusively at

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