An Anderson man thought he was playing “matchmaker” when he arranged to have a 19-year-old woman have sex with a teenager. The man and woman are now in the Madison County jail.

Anderson police arrested Dixie LeAnn Corbin, 19, 803 W. Fifth St. on a preliminary charge of child molesting, a Class B felony. Brandon L. Erving, 28, 729 W. Fourth St., was arrested on a preliminary charge of aiding, inducing or causing child molest, a Class B felony.

Criminal Magistrate Stephen Clase gave the Madison County prosecutor’s office an additional 72 hours to file formal charges. Corbin and Erving are being held in the Madison County jail, each on $20,000 bond.

If convicted on a Class B felony charge Corbin and Erving face possible 20-year sentences.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the 13-year-old alleged victim went to Erving’s house on Monday. Corbin was there and reportedly told Erving that she wanted to have him (the teenager).

Erving told police that he acted as the “matchmaker” and encouraged Corbin to have sex with the boy, because he knew the teenager had never had sex.

Erving allegedly told the teenager to go into the bedroom and wait. Corbin then confessed to having a shot of whiskey and going into the bedroom and performing oral sex on the teenager.

The alleged victim told Anderson police that he told Erving that he was 13 years old and that he was pressured by Erving to go into the bedroom and have sex with Corbin.

Erving told Clase that he didn’t have the money to post bond and wanted to know if he would be released if the state didn’t file charges.

“It is very rare that they don’t file charges,” Clase said.

When Clase asked Corbin if she would have the money to post bond, she said she would have to talk to her mother.

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