Arrest Log

Arrests made by Madison County law enforcement on Friday and Saturday, based on Madison County Jail records. Charges are recommended by arresting officers, but are not final until the Madison County prosecutor reviews the case and files official charges.

• Anderson police arrested Amanda Susan Grogg, 28, 800 block of Redwood Drive, Anderson, at 9:46 a.m. Friday. A $5,000 bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with a prior offense.

• Alexandria police arrested Casey Marie Cunningham, 26, 1800 block of East Indiana 28, Alexandria, at 10:34 a.m. Friday. A $5,000 bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor domestic battery.

• Madison County deputies arrested Michael Lee Chapman, 27, Avondale, Ohio, at 5:58 p.m. Friday. No bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy.

• Alexandria police arrested Jacob Lee Brown, 21, 200 block of West Cook Street, Alexandria, at 6:01 p.m. Friday. No bond was set on a Level 5 felony intimidation, a Level 6 felony strangulation, a Class A misdemeanor domestic battery, and a Class A misdemeanor interference with reporting of a crime.

• Anderson police arrested Jason Eugene Hood, 32, 900 block of South A Street, Elwood, at 10:22 p.m. Friday. A $20,000 bond each was set on a Level 4 felony theft and a Level 4 felony burglary.

• Anderson police arrested Surcie May Jerge-Zumbrun, 36, 8400 block of West Fall Creek Drive, Pendleton, at 12:27 a.m. Saturday. No bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor conversion.

• Anderson police arrested Kiana Rachelle Black, 18, Marion, at 1:06 a.m. Saturday. A $20,000 bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor contributing to delinquency of a minor and a Class C misdemeanor minor possession alcohol.

• Anderson police arrested Maurice Davaughn Boatman, 28, 2100 block of Cedar Street, Anderson, at 1:07 a.m. Saturday. A $500 bond was set on a Class A misdemeanor possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish, and no bond was set on two counts of a Class A misdemeanor driving while suspended with a prior conviction.

• Chesterfield police arrested Anthony Jason Short, 27, 400 block of East 37th Street, Anderson, at 1:37 a.m. Saturday. A $3,000 bond each was set on a Class A misdemeanor possession of marijuana, hash oil, hashish, and no bond was set on a civil driving while suspended with a prior offense.

• Elwood police arrested Gregory Scott Miller, 56, 10900 block of North 23rd Street, Elwood, at 2:55 a.m. Saturday. A $5,000 bond each was set on a Class A misdemeanor operating while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater and a Class A misdemeanor operating while intoxicated and endangering a person.

• Edgewood police arrested Joshua Paul Lynch, 37, 500 block of North County Road 900 West, Anderson, at 4:57 a.m. Saturday. A $5,000 bond was set on a Level 6 felony habitual traffic offender.

• Anderson police arrested Douglas Nathan White Jr., 47, 1100 block of West Ninth Street, Anderson, at 5:16 a.m. Saturday. A $5,000 bond was set on a Level 6 felony auto theft.

• Pendleton police arrested Shawn Andrew Patterson, 46, 400 block of Franklin Street, Pendleton, at 5:55 a.m. Saturday. A $4,000 bond was set on a Class C misdemeanor operating while intoxicated.

• Madison County deputies arrested Jeffrey Michael Laughlin, 60, Sheridan, at 12:48 p.m. Saturday. A $5,000 bond was set on a Level 6 felony operating while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of .15 or greater.

• Anderson police arrested Austin Douglas Hagmaier, 22, Fortville, at 1:28 p.m. Saturday. A $2,000 bond was set on a Class B misdemeanor false informing.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage license applications issued Sept. 1-30, 2015

Marcus Edward Puckett, 30, Muncie, and Elvia Lorena Ibarra-Sanchez, 34, Anderson

Ashley Boots, 21, Pendleton, and Cody Stephenson, 22, Pendleton

Hector G. Ochoa Arellano, 19, Anderson, and Sierra M. Padilla, 20, Anderson

Gabriel Gonzalez Zambrana, 28, Anderson, and Ellen Eloise Cook, 41, Anderson

Logan Andrew Hiser, 19, Alexandria, and Lydia Susanne Kiplinger, 19, Frankton

James Dakota Maxwell, 20, Frankton, and Mackenzie Malyn Masters, 20, Anderson

Brandon Lee Allen, 32, Markleville, and Kristin Evelyn Stillinger, 30, Marklecville

Alexander Ramirez, 36, Anderson, and Allisha K. Barnes, 28, Anderson

Gary L.A. Shirley, 289, Anderson, and Kristina A. Anderson, 28, Anderson

Paul A. Kollros, 43, Pendleton, and Kara Jo Horseman, 31, Pendleton

Amy L. Maxey, 38, Indianapolis, and Patrick Joseph Weber, 46, Anderson

James Alan Main, 24, Pendleton, and Ashtin R. Stewart, 23, Anderson

Brett Ray, 36, Pendleton, and Amber Boerger, 32, Pendleton

Monte Lee Purciful II, 32, Anderson, and Gayla D. Kibbs, 27, Anderson

Ashley Elizabeth Luce, 23, Anderson, and Donovan Robert Burkhart, 24, Anderson

Kenneth L. Tuttle, 31, Anderson, and Megan C. Wolfe, 22, Anderson

Danielle Nicole Gerdt, 23, Alexandria, and Blake Austin Baxter, 23, Alexandria

Wray Jean Ables, 467, Elwood,and Bruce Alen Brewer, 53,Elwood

Angel M. Lewis, 37, Anderson, and Brandon Smith, 33, Anderson

Payton Danielle Morin, 24, Frankton, and Dustin Eugene Robling, 35, Alexandria

Davangie Nicole Sparks, 28, Indianapolis, and Jason Robert Bosler,40, Ingalls

Shalance Denzel Brooks, 22, Anderson, and Amanda Casandra Felix, 29, Anderson

Robert Broyles, 49, Pendleton, and Silvia Campos, 44, Chihuhua, Mexico

Carie A. Mottweiler, 40, Alexandria, and Joseph W. Martin, 39, Alexandria

Justin S. Counceller, 32, Pendleton, and Sarah Martina McCune, 23, Markleville

John W. Pratt, 47, Anderson, and Candy Michelle Lalone, 43, Alexandria

Ashlee Nicole Waldron, 20, Chesterfield, and Robert Austin-Harley Hodge, 21, Anderson

Jamie Lynne Allman, 38, Anderson, and William Lee Hatt, 38, Anderson

Denny Sanchez, 39, Orlando, Fla., and Payton L. Cinco, 22, Anderson

Colton D. Wehsollek, 26, Alexandria, and Alyson Nicole Arrendale, 25, Marion

David Anthony Echols II, 26, Anderson, and Lindsey Nicole Lawless,28, Anderson

Elissa Nichole Freeman, 30, Anderson, and Jason Dalton, 30, Anderson

Broc Allin Paul Johnson, 26, Summitville, and Alexis Marie Ryan, 25, Fairmount

Ryan K. Harmon, 37, Anderson, and Britany N. Plummer, 33, Anderson

Robert M. Thacker, 67, Anderson, and Laura Sue Vaughn, 61, Anderson

Myron James Bannister, 45, Anderson, and Brenetta K. Brooks, 54, Anderson

Rickey L. Tomlinson Jr., 33, Alexandria, and Brandy Dawn Jones, 33, Alexandria

Nicholas J. Gasparino, 29, Elwood, and Whitney Kay Sell, 25, Elwood

Derrick Paul Stanley, 24, Anderson,and Melissa L. Lankford, 42, Anderson

Dustin Mikel Jones, 25, Anderson, and Allison Nicole Edwards, 28, Markleville

Justin J. Flynn, 32, Anderson, and Brittney Dawn Lemon, 31, Anderson

Scott E. Fulkrod, 25, Anderson, and Crystal Faith Hart, 20, Anderson

Kyle Brandon Lindsey, 35, Chesterfield, and Sarah Kate Dearduff, 28, Chesterfield

Randall Lee Lewis, 42, Anderson, and Amber Lea Nance, 42, Elwood

Stephen Rowell, 28, Bargersville, and Kellie M. Starks, 27, Pendleton

Allen Michael McCoy, 26, Anderson, and Jessica Ann Gohn, 27, Anderson

Kaitlyn Christine Freeman, 21, Muncie, and Benjamin Blackwell, 20, Markleville

Dustin Joseph Flynn, 31, Anderson, and Bridget Margaret Hoare, 33, Anderson

Rebecca S. Farr, 64, Elwood, and Tamara K. French, 58, Elwood

Thomas A. Heady, 73, Elwood, and Sandra K. Alberts, 63, Elwood

Garrett R. Ogle, 27, Anderson, and Alexis N. Butler, 23, Anderson

James L. Eldridge, 61, Anderson, and Buffie J. Burrell, 44, Anderson

Toby D. Johnson, 32, Ingalls, and Heather N. Gregg, 31, Rockville

Aaron S. Kerr,24, Elwood, and Logan R. Etchison, 25, Elwood

Joshua D. Murray, 32, Anderson, and Kalie L. Fletcher, 25, Daleville

Joshua Allen Lephew, 19, Anderson, and Stacy Danielle Eicks, 18, Anderson

Lori Ann Bolton, 57, Anderson, and Kirk Edward Gaither, 53, Anderson

Shelly J. Stafford, 53, Anderson, and Amy N. Miller, 41, Anderson

Russell Gene Tomishima, 55, Anderson, and Maria Ellan Carrillo, 66, Anderson

Shane M. Griffith, 28, Ingalls, and Sarah R. Meeks, 29, Greenfield

Brittany Denise McCracken, 25, New Castle, and Andrew James Swan, 28, Anderson

Jeremiah Wesley Grier, 40, Gwynn Oak, Md., and Amber L. Arias, 37, Alexandria

Roy D. Ogburn Jr., 52, Anderson, and Rayanna Michelle Chanley, 35, Anderson

Joseph Lawrence Schneider, 31, Anderson, and Kiley Nicole Vanasdal, 24, Anderson

Christina L. Thomas, 44, Anderson, and Jill R. Perry, 46, Anderson

Clayton James Thomas Savage, 21, Lapel, and Megan Nichole Wood, 21, Pendleton

Mark Lane Maynard, 47, Anderson, and Kimi J. Humphrey, 50, Anderson

Rebecca Gail Stansberry, 30, Alexandria, and Cary Scott Troxell, 28, Alexandria

Dominic T. Tilford, 43, Anderson, and Angela M. Murry, 40, Indianapolis

Alexander Jacob Scott Metzing, 20, Sacramento, Calif., and Sierra Yarrow Jordan, 19, Anderson

Sean Devern Ford, 32, Alexandria, and Katilen Michelle McCord, 19, Alexandria

Michael E. Hurst, 46, Alexandria, and Kristi D. Garrett, 38, Muncie

Aaron M. McIntyre, 39, Anderson, and Elizabeth F. Rosales, 33, Anderson

Juan Pablo Hernandez Rangel, 22, Anderson,and Paola Cecilia Roman, 18, Anderson

Steven Justin Atwood, 35, Elwood, and Chasica R. Orick, 39, Elwood

Amber Marie Halstead, 24, Alexandria, and Tyler Michael Gilman, 28, Alexandria

Joseph W. Barr, 36, Anderson, and Margaret I. Isaacs, 26, Frankton

Mark R. Goodwin, 49, Anderson, and Dawn R. Frazier, 44, Anderson

Brandon John Bolander, 24, Anderson, and Kasi Joy Anson, 25, Pendleton

John Robert Seafoss, 40, Anderson, and Mindy Lee Sullivan, 28, Anderson

Schyler Ray Roman, 29, Anderson, and Jessica D. Ring, 34, Pendleton

Jasmine Nicole Juday, 24, Elwood,and Joseph Wayne McCartney, 31, Summitville

Brock Allen Turney, 31, Frankton, and Rachel Ann Brummett, 31, Frankton

Michelle Malott, 41,Gaston, and Jay Marlow, 46, Alexandria

James W. Campbell, 53,Anderson, and Andrea Rae Williams, 33, Anderson

Charles T. Oldham, 88, Pendleton, and Marianne Lintner, 60, Anderson

Jamie A. Sides, 41, Bunker Hill, and Melissa S. Arnold, 42, Anderson

Gretchen A. Baldwin, 42, Anderson, and Martin A. Stapleton, 33, Anderson

Mason R. Haney, 24, Anderson, and Breanna L. Benefiel, 23, Anderson

Kami Leigh Ann Vetor, 28, Alexandria, and Justin John Fox, 31, Alexandria

Mack Arthur Williamson, 40, Elwood, and Melissa Kay Bilbrey, 34, Elwood

Jordan J. Poortenga, 23, Anderson, and Ashley M. Ledford,24, Anderson

Bryon L. Naylor, 46, Anderson, and Nancy S. Whitworth, 43, Elwood

Justin L. Wylie, 28, Alexandria, and Lauren Ashley Riddle, 26, Fishers

Katelyn Marie Leisure, 19, Elwood, and Jacob Wade Curtsinger, 22, Elwood

Glenn Edwin Appel Jr., 40, Elwood, and Kimberly L. Crull, 37, Elwood

Felix Sanjuan Gutierrez, 40, Anderson, and Blanca M. Gonzalez, 35,Anderson

John H. Graves Jr., 43, Anderson, and Charlotte F. Taylor, 39, Anderson

Erin Michelle Smith, 28, Alexandria, and Thomas Joe Ragsdale, 33, Alexandria

Zachary Adam Hetrick, 27, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Helene Beal DeLone, 25, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Matthew P. Gilman, 24, Summitville, and Kerri L. Pulley, 24, Fairmount

Spencer Lee Caudill, 26, Fishers, and Brieanna E. Nordholdt, 26, Pendleton

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