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ANDERSON — The Madison County Historical Society’s 2019 selection for the Elwood H. Phillips Award is Bob Post of Pendleton.

The society bestows its annual award in recognition for contributions to the cause of preserving the heritage of Madison County.

Post has preserved our heritage for future generations by initiating the various actions that culminated in the erection of three historical markers in the Pendleton area. Two commemorate historical events that gained Pendleton national attention, abolitionists mobbed and Indians murdered 1824. The third, Walter Dorwin Teague, recognizes the former Pendleton resident referred to as the dean of industrial design who pioneered in the establishment of industrial design as a profession in the United States.

All the marker sites were selected based upon his research. The first two markers are placed near where the actual event took place in Falls Park. The Teague marker resides on the front lawn of the former Pendleton Public Library. Post selected the site because of Teague’s close relationship to the library and his belief that his donation of books would inspire others to greatness.

Post selected three large boulders symbolic for their color that display bronze donor plaques near the Falls Park markers. The white one was found close to where the Native Americans were massacred. The red one was found near the hanging site. And, the black boulder represents Douglass' huge influence in the 1800s.

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