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NEW CASTLE — With today's technology, anyone with a smartphone can likely shoot high-quality pictures. Those who participate in the 2019 Golden Hour Smartphone Photography Workshop will be empowered to photograph with their smartphones the natural beauty of Summit Lake State Park, 5993 N. Messick Road, in the soft, magical light during what is known as The Golden Hour.

The park staff will point out plants, animals and scenery of particular interest. Participants will learn how to use their smartphones to photograph landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and do macro photography.

The workshop will be offered Saturday, July 20, at 7 p.m. The workshop will begin two hours before sunset. Following an hour of instruction, workshop members will have the opportunity to shoot photographs throughout the park.

For a fee of $10, participants will receive admission to the park, a printed handout, selfie stick and a box of photographic clip-on lenses for their smartphones.

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