Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses issued in Madison County, July 1-Aug. 1, 2019:

Billy J. Minton, 51, Anderson, and Betina L. Haynes, 50, Anderson.

Jeffrey Ross Perry, 47, Anderson, and Christina Gibson, 44, Anderson.

Steven G. Kavanaugh, 44, Anderson, and Anita R. Shaw, 46, Anderson.

Jason M. Weaver, 36, Anderson, and Bonnie D. Trahan, 33, Anderson.

Shelby Anne Kosmicki, 23, Anderson, and Kyle Gregory Kuklenski, 21, Anderson.

Larry B. Scott, 61, Anderson, and Linda D. Holland, 57, Anderson.

Brandon Wayne Franklin Schomber, 20, Montpelier, and Elise Renee Flatt, 19, Summitville.

Charles E. Willhoite, 62, Anderson, and Kimberly D. Hyde, 46, Anderson.

Michael S. Young, 51, Anderson, and Vicki J. Shinabarger, 63, Anderson.

Tori L. Powell, 42, Anderson, and Jimmie J. Johnson, 42, Anderson.

Deana Jean Grimes, 44, Pendleton, and Timothy Andrew Nicholson, 33, Anderson.

Tyler Mitchell Bannon, 29, Chesterfield, and Molly Ann Cummins, 31, Alexandria.

Cole B. Keesling, 46, Pendleton, and Janel E. Bantz, 44, Fishers.

Phillip Baker, 46, Pendleton, and Brandi Hammond, 45, Pendleton.

Brandon Sheets, 37, Elwood, and Kristina Peters, 44, Elwood.

Anthony J. Cabrera, 27, Anderson, and Marcelle A. Harlow, 44, Anderson.

Mary Ann Owens, 59, Anderson, and Michael Eugene Benefiel, 59, Anderson.

Aaron S. Phillips, 25, Elwood, and Jessica L. Preston, 23, Elwood.

Nicholas Brooks, 43, Anderson, and Jacqui Brooks, 40, Anderson.

Freeman Delane Peoples Jr., 55, and Nikki Noel Edwards, 46, Anderson.

Jennifer Marie Hyder, 37, Greenville, South Carolina, and Allyn Swindell, 33, Greenville, South Carolina.

Mark Allen Reeves, 52, Alexandria, and Michele Lynn Mueller, 59, Shelbyville.

Talen Pelo, 29, Fort Wayne, and Samantha Kessler, 29, Anderson.

Jeremy M. Crouch, 34, Anderson, and Brittany M. Hargraves, 30, Fortville.

Jamie Lynn Graham, 37, Anderson, and Jacob Dean Follmar, 36, Anderson.

Devon Nicholas Browder, 20, Anderson, and Allyson Paige Partlow, 18, Anderson.

Marlena Marie Smith, 41, Alexandria, and Matthew T. Washington, 48, Alexandria.

Crystal Leah Tieszen, 34, Anderson, and Brandon Christopher Park, 24, Anderson.

Frank L. Marcrum, 56, Anderson, and Cheryl L. Marcrum, 55, Anderson.

Gregory William Lintz, 55, Pendleton, and Dawn Cheri Epperson, 49, Greenfield.

Jason Raymond Helms, 25, Anderson, and Elizabeth Joann Carlton, 25, Anderson.

Joseph Dale Merriman III, 37, Greenfield, and Jaime N. Brown, 35, Anderson.

Kaleb M. Hartman, 27, Anderson, and Lauren Wilson, 23, Middletown.

Nakenzie Jewell Palmer, 20, Anderson, and Angel Leann Young, 22, Elwood.

Michael Gill, 45, Anderson, and Amanda Trego, 45, Anderson.

Autumn Ryan Maurice, 19, Martinsville, and Nathaniel Jakob Armes, 21, Anderson.

Conner David Poole, 18, Yorktown, and Bethany Faith Johnston, 19, Anderson.

Marc F. Selg Jr., 22, Anderson, and Kaitlyn D. Roberts, 23, Anderson.

Warren E. Shelburn, 63, Anderson, and Lynn Ann Long, 48, Anderson.

Kenneth Clifford Lutes, 29, Anderson, and Sarah Elizabeth Grayson, 29, Anderson.

Bianca Nadine Zindler, 26, Lapel, and Zachary Spencer Hartvigson, 29, Indianapolis.

Hope Elaine Frazier, 21, Anderson, and Dawson Robert Ayers, 20, Terre Haute.

James Donald Butterly, 44, Greenwood, and Jenny L. Hunt, 44, Anderson.

Keith Aaron Moore, 43, Anderson, and Brandy S. Irwin, 44, Anderson.

Gerald L. Blackburn, 37, Alexandria, and Kristy Nicole Carter, 29, Anderson.

Rory Juan Colbert Jr., 34, Speedway, and Marissa Nicole Smith, 29, Anderson.

Kenneth Alfred Jackey, 59, Anderson, and Carolyn J. Little, 73, Anderson.

Steven Rivera Ramos, 21, and Andry Lopez Rivera, 18, Anderson.

Eric Howard Richard Staton, 54, Anderson, and Patricia Ann Burress, 62, Anderson.

McKylan Alan Mullins, 20, South Bend, and Makayla A. Holland, 22, Anderson.

Michael John Mann, 28, Anderson, and Kayleigh Lynn Mead, 29, Indianapolis.

Timothy Lambert, 25, Markleville, and McKensey Mirando, 22, Pendleton.

Paul Jon-Scott Capps, 24, Elwood, and Courtney Maria Weeks, 24, Elwood.

Lee Randall Gilstrap, 55, Elwood, and Melissa Fay Killen, 52, Elwood.

Shoshonee Leann Crawford, 30, Shirley, and Trevor Scott Junga, 30, Anderson.

Bryan Elder, 44, Pendleton, and Courtney Puckett, 42, Pendleton.

Brandon Curtis Clem, 46, Middletown, and Sara Elizabeth Russell, 37, Middletown.

Enrique Moreno, 62, Anderson, and Kathya Del Rayo Galaciz Rocha, 38, Anderson.

Jonathan David Williams, 34, Anderson, and Jessica Lynn Tyler, 28, Anderson.

Katheryn Elizabeth Myers, 21, Tipton, and Morgan Lynn Fix, 23, Anderson.

Wardell Alexander Pride, 49, Indianapolis, and Jennifer A. Goodwin, 47, Anderson.

Aaron Clark, 21, Anderson, and Kaylie Myers, 21, Middletown.

John Ray Butner, 41, Summitville, and Johana Maria Nottingham, 37, Albany.

Bryson Rashard White, 23, Anderson, and Khori Iman Morrow, 22, Anderson.

Jacob Scott Troxell, 25, Anderson, and Jessica Renee Wyatt, 26, Paragon.

Kevin D. Jones, 53, Anderson, and Lisa L. Johnson, 51, Anderson.

Robert Allen Whitehead, 26, Greenfield, and Candice Nicole Burton, 22, Pendleton.

Danielle Christian Muse, 23, Frankton, and Tyler Andrew Eytchison, 25, Frankton.

Thomas Cody Bambrough, 27, Anderson, and Marisa Lauer Daitch, 25, Anderson.

Jarrod Adam Charles King, 25, Ingalls, and Kennedy Kay Coats, 22, Muncie.

Andrew Douglas Helton, 30, Anderson, and Valery Ortega, 25, Anderson.

Rhonda Marie Wyatt, 36, Alexandria, and Harmeet Singh, 31, Anderson.

Floriva P. Cochran, 39, Anderson, and Robert J. Stanley, 36, Anderson.

Noah Isaac Valentine Dockrey, 21, Alexandria, and Alexis Catherine Stanley, 21, Alexandria.

Jeffery V. Garrity, 36, Elwood, and Elizabeth M. Schilling, 30, Elwood.

Madison Shea Mousty, 22, Pendleton, and David Walter Leroy, 28, LaPorte.

Montana Cheyanne Voyles, 21, Anderson, and Jarred Allen Wright, 21, Anderson.

Richard A. Stearman, 62, Fortville, and Nora A. Bammann, 57, Indianapolis.

Destinee Jo-Ann Martin, 19, Markleville, and Caleb Kendall Long, 23, Markleville.

Dawn E. Huntsman, 36, Anderson, and Jennifer L. McIntyre, 36, Wolcott.

Zachary T. Holloway, 28, Alexandria, and Fanci M. Young, 27, Fairmount.

William B. Bugby, 48, Summitville, and Heather E. Johnson, 36, Summitville.

Payton Thomas Huth, 20, Pendleton, and Donna Gayle Petrey Lenos, 19, Trenton, Ohio.

Kelsey Michelle Willhoite, 24, Anderson, and James Clifford Goff II, 40, Anderson.

David A. Baker, 62, Anderson, and Helen R. Honeycutt, 57, Summitville.

Debra Delaney, 48, Summitville, and Christopher Dwayne Inglis, 49, Summitville.

Dustin G. Ritz, 34, Pendleton, and Christina M. Canada, 23, Anderson.

Vincente Julian Avalos, 24, Anderson, and Beload Soriano Boriano, 23, Anderson.

Troy Allen Stewart, 37, Elwood, and Kristina A. Hudson, 36, Frankton.

Brittney Lynn Schmidt, 30, Pendleton, and Payton Andrew Corn, 30, Pendleton.

Emily Kay Orbik, 25, Anderson, and Brady Matthew Johnston, 25, Anderson.

Chantel Nicole Smith, 26, Anderson, and Jon Phillip Brown, 27, Anderson.

Julia E. Corey, 30, Pendleton, and Marie A. Brandyberry, 29, Indianapolis.

Crystal Ann Messersmith, 28, Anderson, and Tony Allen White, 38, Greencastle.

Patricia M. Watson, 35, Anderson, and Monica L. Petty, 34, Indianapolis .