Marriage licenses issued June 1-July 1, 2019:

Shane M. Crippen, 36, Anderson, and Cheyenne Regina Perkinson, 28, Hope

Levi Castellanos Santiago, 33, Anderson, and Alexandra M. Coffey, 26, Anderson

Mason Allen Harshman, 25, Anderson, and Ariel Marie Rowan, 25, Anderson

Caleb Darius Smith, 21, Anderson, and Chelsea Leann Fetters, 28, Anderson

James R. Rhoads, 48, Anderson, and Tracey E. High, 54, Anderson

Coleton Michael Gray, 25, Anderson, and Mackenzie Rae Bowen, 25, Anderson

Michael J. McClain, 25, Anderson, and Shannon M. Alvord, 28, Terre Haute

Zachary Robert Zehner, 26, Brighton, Massachusetts, and Paula Michelle Reed, Brighton, Massachusetts

Malley Shamain Baker, 20, Middletown, and Hailey Isabella Campbell, 22, Anderson

Jonathan Dean McMillan, 37, Anderson and Tonya Blackford, 36, Anderson

Michael W. Kirby, 55, Markleville, and Lisa Marie Norman, 40, Markleville

John A. Sandlin, 29, Anderson, and Reynald Barrera Jr., 24, Philippines

Macee Shaye Sandefur, 22, Anderson, and Bailey James Threet, 22, Anderson

Timothy Robert Miller, 56, Anderson, and Jill Kathleen Layton, 39, Anderson

Blake A. Morgan, 26, Kokomo, and Kelsi L. Rhodes, 24, Anderson

Cierra L. Brooks, 23, Anderson, and James T. Rushing, 23, Sheridan

Joshua Ray Burke, 22, Willis, Texas, and Jeanette Marie Boots, 21, Cleveland, Texas

Jenna Renee Bland, 19, Anderson, and Todd Michael Fritz, 21, Anderson

Ashlyn Nicole Ann Wendling, 24, Pendleton, and Austin Jay Cline, 29, Frankfort

Linda D. Myers, 65, Anderson, and James D. Brown, 71, Menifee, California

Shania Lynn Yokem, 23, Pendleton, and Branten Mark Rayl, 24, Pendleton

Robert J. Stroud, 55, Anderson, and Maica L. Leisure, 50, Anderson

James George Reinhart, 61, Anderson, and Penelope Jo King, 72, Anderson

Miguel J. Fitzpatrick, 45, Anderson, and Mesha M. Youngblood, 41, Anderson

Lindy Erin Forsythe, 33, Elwood, and Damien Glen Gmurk, 40, Elwood

Quinton Marqtex Vann, 33, Anderson, and Sarah Amanda Vann, 38, Anderson

Jennifer Victoria Larch, 29, Anderson, and Rickie William Friar, 29, Anderson

Michael Donald Lusher, 36, Anderson, and Virginia Danielle Lee Bowman, 24, Anderson

Ricky David Copeland, 65, Anderson, and Leslie Dee Linville, 55, Anderson

Tina R. Anderson, 61, Alexandria, and Raymond L. Woeber, 63, Springfield, Ohio

Ricardo Jaramillo Begley, 21, Anderson, and Selene Lozano Rodriguez, 20, Anderson

Eric L. Hill, 48, Anderson, and Angela D. Fisher, 44, Lapel

Dallas Reanne West, 25, Pendleton, and Travis Michael Bennett, 29, Anderson

Delilah Jean Wright, 23, Pendleton, and Brian Joseph Wolverton, 23, Pendleton

Jakob Wayne Johnson, 26, Port Charlotte, Florida, and Billie Jo Wagner, 24, Anderson

Stephen D. Callaway, 43, Elwood, and Angela D. Tunnell, 42, Elwood

Jose Arturo Espinoza Miranda, 22, Anderson, and Sarah Jean Repp, 22, Connersville

Allison Rana Morgan, 27, Anderson, and Brandon Michael Freeland, 28, Anderson

Charles T. Porter, 49, Anderson, and Lana Sue Hann, 52, Anderson

Douglas E. Stalker, 76, Anderson, and Barbara J. Fritsch, 76, Anderson

James C. Fisher, 29, Alexandria, and Hailey L. Kirtley, 29, Orestes

Kourtney Marie Nickelson, 28, Ingalls, and Steven Ray Harvey, 27, Ingalls

Douglas L. Pratt, 56, Alexandria, and Kitti D. Campbell, 58, Alexandria

Mason Coty Brizendine, 25, Alexandria, and Paisley Rose Tatman, 25, Alexandria

Montana Alan Morse, 22, Elwood, and Brook Nicole Kilgore, 21, Alexandria

Dustin J. Albea, 35, and Cheyenne M. Gentry, 22, Yorktown

Victoria Leah Morea, 19, Anderson, and Conner James Wilhelm, 20, Daleville

Kalab A.F. Bowen, 20, Anderson, and Haleigh M. Brown, 20, Anderson

David A. Merlau, 27, Middletown, and Christina L. Sturgill, 26, Middletown

Brittenee Taylor Chism, 27, Anderson, and Cody Lee Chism, 26, Jacksonville, Florida

James Travis Fivecoate, 27, Mentone, and Maryle Dionne Tagum Bunquin, 27, Anderson

Vickie D. Rust, 69, Anderson, and Gerald T. Hardin, 76, Fort Myers, Florida

Jacob Levi Roberts, 28, Anderson, and Jamie Dawn Hubble, 26, Pendleton

James E. Noethtich Jr., 59, Anderson, and Linda R. Noethtich, 57, Anderson

Austin Tyler Stevens, 22, Anderson, and Lily Kristine Julian, 19, Anderson

Danny Joe Baker, 68, Anderson, and Christina L. McWilliams, 50, Berea, Kentucky

Tara Faye Parke, 31, Anderson, and Casey Alan Sheets, 37, Anderson

Adam M. Hockett, 40, Anderson, and Amanda A. Muntz, 36, Anderson

Gaylen Dwayne Frye Jr., 64, Pendleton, and Dana R. Cook, 49, Fortville

Mellina Marie Albertson, 20, Anderson, and Angel Marie Jarvis, 20, Anderson

Nathaniel Dustin Lubs, 22, Anderson, and Lily Noel Stone, 18, Pendleton

Umesh Bhayaraju, 43, Anderson, and Sara Joy Sternitzky, 34, Muncie

Nathanael Scott Jewett, 22, Carlisle, Ohio, and Kristen Rachel Wiford, 22, Anderson

John T. Ogle, 59, Anderson, and Marsha Karina Beckley, 56, Anderson

Ashley Dawson, 34, Anderson, and Jason Patterson, 37, Anderson

Tricia Elena Garza, 28, Pendleton, and Chase Dean Freeman, 27, Pendleton

Edward J. Rodeman, 43, Anderson, and Ashley M. Rude, 28, Muncie

Brandon J. Folgers, 24, Anderson, and Taryn D. McDonald, 26, Anderson

Darrius Steffan Romello Anderson, 22, Anderson, and Hannah Briyale Creech, 24, Anderson

Noah P. Saxon, 18, Anderson, and Deveyn B. Robertson, 18, Anderson

Gary D. Sallee, 67, Anderson, and Darla R. Couch, 47, Anderson

Bobbie Jo Hanlon, 36, Anderson, and Carl Ray Atkinson, 35, Anderson

Robert L. Richey, 78, Anderson, and Alice L. Allen, 71, Anderson

Kim Nhung Thi Bui, 58, Anderson, and Hao Minh Nguyen, 30, Anderson

Alex Daniel Esche, 35, Pendleton, and Caroline E. Marshall, 34, Pendleton

Nathaniel David Sobieck, 39, Anderson, and Rachel Brianne France Chenail, 23, Anderson

Joseph Ryan Corlew, 39, Anderson, and Amy Kate Frazier, 51, Anderson

Ricky Holford, 67, Alexandria, and Stephenie Abshire, 64, Middletown

Linda L. Castor, 69, Pendleton, and Donald L. Webb, 74, Avon Park, Florida

Zachary W. Collins, 28, Anderson, and Crysthel Monserath Hendricks, 25, Anderson

Christopher Brian Alfrey, 62, Elwood, and Deborah Kay Brown, 59, Bloomington

Kristopher C. Kuklenski, 40, Anderson, and Stacey A. Key, 39, New Castle

Joshua W. Golden, 35, Anderson, and Emily M. Davis, 25, Fortville

Deonte Jamar Bailey, 24, Anderson, and Kelley Ann Leisure, 23, Anderson

Gregory K. Branham, 60, Anderson, and Cynthia E. Wright, 57, Upland

Michael Paul Torgerson, 43, Anderson, and Amy Eilene Robinson, 39, Anderson

Dustin Michael Stanley, 29, Alexandria, and Brentney Jo McDaniel, 27, Summitville

Travis S. Hobbs, 21, Anderson, and Madison J. Weller, 21, Indianapolis

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