ELWOOD — Elwood Fire Chief Brad Compton has been demoted for misuse of a city-owned vehicle.

Elwood Mayor Todd Jones said he found out Friday afternoon that Compton had been driving his EFD command vehicle to Marshall, Illinois. He was contacted by John Kraft, a man who runs an Illinois watchdog website.

Jones said Kraft sent him photos of Compton's vehicle outside a building in Marshall, a city of about 4,000 located approximately 20 miles west of Terre Haute. Kraft told him that the vehicle had been at the location for several months.

After verifying the location of the truck, Jones said Compton was demoted.

"One of the photos showed Mr. Compton standing behind his truck doing what appeared to be construction," he said.

According to the EFD's rules and regulations, Article 2 Section 10, the fire chief has access to a take-home vehicle that may be driven anywhere statewide for an emergency call.

"If the chief has no intention of using the vehicle to go to an emergency call, it must stay on city property," Jones said.

Compton will stay on the fire department's roster working on emergency calls, he said.

"I have no intention whatsoever of firing Mr. Compton," Jones said. "He will stay on the floor in a non-administrative role."

Assistant fire chief Mark Sullivan will act as the interim fire chief. Jones said Sullivan will be sworn in as fire chief on Monday.

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