Don't toss that electronic device in the trash

Old computers and monitors sit on pallets at the Madison County Recycling Center in this November 2016 file photo. 

ELWOOD – The city of Elwood has found a way to dispose of the televisions that have littered the streets and alleys and porches.

City Council member Jim Watters said the Street Department has been able to dispose of 68 televisions by taking them to Muncie for recycling. The recycling center also accepts computers.

“A lot of them were flat screens,” he said. “This costs us nothing, except the one person who goes with me and gas.”

Electronic waste, including broken and obsolete cellphones, gaming systems and printers, is part of a growing problem for many communities. These items are hazardous because they leak toxic elements, such as lead, cadmium and mercury into soil and water.

For that reason, it’s illegal according to Indiana law to dispose of some electronic items, such as fax machines, DVDs and VCRs with other household or business waste.

Watters said the city also is looking at ways of disposing of other heavy trash, including sofas.

“It’s just something that we gotta do,” he said.

Elwood Mayor Todd Jones said he was grateful for the effort toward the continued beautification of the city.

“We all knew TVs were an issue, and we really didn’t know where we could take them, what we could do with them,” he said.

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