ALEXANDRIA, Ind. — Indiana 9 was shut down temporarily Wednesday when a fire broke out in a small structure in the 1500 block of South Park Avenue.

The fire, which started in a small guest house near a home directly north of Gaither Family Resources, began shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

No one was inside the building at the time of the fire.

Firefighters braved 19-degree weather and managed to keep the fire from jumping to the nearby home owned by Rosebelle Peters.

Standing in the snow holding a small dog against her chest under a small coat, Peters watched as smoke poured from the guest house her family recently built while making improvements to the home last summer.

Her neighbor, gospel singer Gloria Gaither, came from her home and collected Peters’ children, offering to feed the bunch while Peters dealt with the fire.

The two-story white home Peters rehabbed over the summer was not damaged in the blaze.

Peters said her daughter discovered smoke coming from the small guest house when she went to retrieve spare batteries.

Since no one lives in the small building, the family uses the guest house for storage.

After realizing smoke was spotted in the building, Peters went inside to assess the situation and saw a single wall ablaze.

She thinks the fire may have been caused by an electrical malfunction based on her observation of the wall fire.

Richland Township firefighters were called in to assist Alexandria-Monroe firefighters as they doused the flames and worked to get rid of smoldering hot spots in the freezing weather.

Although frozen fire hydrants have been reported in Anderson and Indianapolis, firefighters at the scene said the fire hydrant used to douse the fire at Peters’ home was in working order.

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