He is a World War II veteran who served in the Navy when he was only 18. She is a faithful servant of God belonging to the prayer chain and bereavement team at the church, ministering to those around her. Both have attended Faith Church for approximately 17 years and were honored Saturday by their church family.

Faith Church performed its own version of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” titled Faith Church Home Makeover. Its theme was honoring heroes and the congregation accomplished that in a big way for C.O. and Florence Hollingsworth.

Replacing television-host Ty Pennington and his crazy bullhorn with two fun-loving pastors, approximately 75 people from the church worked in shifts from noon Friday until 2:30 p.m. Saturday, to make over the interior rooms of the couple’s home.

“The Hollingsworths’ home was functional,” said Pastor Carl Lamb, church ministries pastor. “But it was in need of repair.”

Within 26 hours, they managed to replace the sub-floor, re-carpet the living room, paint, add new countertops in the kitchen with a new sink, redo the lower set of kitchen cabinets, supply a new refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer and water heater, replace all the furniture and decorations in the living room, completely redo the bathroom short of putting in a new tub and make necessary repairs to the roof.

Lamb said the home had holes where the floor was pulling away from the walls and needed some new paint, but C.O., 81, was unable to make the repairs due to medical complications. Within the past three years, C.O. has battled cancer and a heart attack with Florence, 67, faithfully at his side. Now, with repairs out of the way, Lamb said he hopes they will be able to relax and that C.O. can concentrate on getting well.

“Our concept is about honoring someone, not just helping someone in need,” said Lamb. “We wanted to make their home better.”

While the couple was put up in a hotel for the night and treated to a nice dinner, members of the church worked diligently to accomplish their long list of tasks.

As many projects go, they had to overcome hurdles along the way, but ended up being 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Even though they stayed up until late into the night, members of the congregation said it was a fun, bonding experience and would do it again.

“It’s always nice to help people in need,” said Amanda Fix, member. “I did a little bit of everything from painting to cleaning and carrying in furniture. It will be a definite change from before. I hope they’ll be happy.”

There was do doubt, when C.O. and Florence walked through their front door, they were happy.

“Oh my goodness,” said Florence. “Is this our house?”

“It looks like rich people live here now,” said C.O. as he smiled.

The Hollingsworths walked through their home pointing at all the new furniture and appliances while giving their church family hugs.

C.O. stood longest in front of a wood and glass box hanging on the wall filled with his Navy medals. “That’s great,” he said, lightly touching the glass with his fingertips.

After the grand tour of their new home, Walt Weaver, head pastor, sat the couple down in their living room and gathered members of the church around them. As he offered a prayer, asking the Lord’s spirit to flow through their home, the Hollingsworths began to cry.

“We want you to know you are our modern-day heroes,” Weaver said. “You are loved.”

“I believe it,” said Florence wiping away the tears. “I thank everybody.”

C.O. said he never dreamed his home could look that good and was thankful to the congregation. “We had an orange shag rug for nearly 20 years and I got tired of looking at it,” he said as he laughed. “This was beyond my thinking.”

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