Despite a determined Republican opponent in the race for Green Township trustee, incumbent Greg Valentine held back Bill Rhodes, 243 to 141.

Valentine could not be reached for comment.

“I was soundly defeated,” said challenger Bill Rhodes, who said all votes were in from the township. But he claimed that a voting site at Church of the Brethren near Summerlake addition wasn’t used, forcing people to travel to Maple Ridge Elementary School to vote.

“I was disappointed that those voters were disenfranchised,” said Rhodes.

“It will be up to the town of Pendleton and the town of Ingalls to attack Greg on building a new fire station.”

The Anderson Township trustee’s race was between two Democrats, Barbara Johnson and Tamie Dixon-Tatum. At press time, with 79 of 111 precincts counted, Johnson was leading 1,933 to 1,407.

“It looks like it’s going to be a long night,” said Johnson. She said she was going to hold until the end.

“We worked hard during this race,” she said. “Tamie has been an outstanding opponent. You always have to expect that. Never underestimate your opponent.”

Johnson has served five terms on the Anderson Township advisory board. Incumbent Trustee Joetta Long is retiring.

“I’m in the running,” said Dixon-Tatum. “I knew (Johnson) would be somewhat of a challenge, but it’s not over yet.”

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