ANDERSON — The bride wore a witch’s hat and Halloween leggings. The groom wore a bow tie and a T-shirt decorated with fake blood.

While the outfits for Brian Smith and Keisha Frawley’s wedding may not have been too out of the ordinary for Halloween, their venue was.

The ceremony took place at Captain D’s, the casual seafood restaurant on North Broadway where the couple met as employees, and where their love story unfolded.

“It was exciting to see them fall in love in front of us,” said Angel Van Duyn, Keisha’s supervisor who served as her maid of honor. “They just locked eyes and that was it.”

Brian and Keisha began working at Captain D’s about a year ago, and their connection was immediate. Casual conversations soon turned into long talks after their shifts ended, and the couple began dating in April.

“It was her smile ... just everything about her,” Brian recalled about how he knew Keisha was the one. “It’s hard to describe. I felt something I’d never felt before. She’s my whole world.”

After Brian and Keisha became engaged in August, the wedding planning discussions included finding a suitable location for the ceremony. The couple said it quickly became apparent that the restaurant would be a fitting setting.

“It was the place we met,” Brian said. “It’s like the start of a new life. At first it was kind of joked about, but then people started saying, wait a minute, why not?”

Van Duyn approached Captain D’s owner Troy Knight with the idea, and he agreed without hesitation. He also provided the food for an after-ceremony meal for all the restaurant’s employees.

“I was super surprised,” Knight said, “one, that anyone would ever want to get married at a restaurant. And then when they wanted to do it in costume, that took me back even further.”

Many of those who saw Brian and Keisha’s relationship take root over the past year noted how, as the couple grew closer, they each matured as individuals.

“I’ve watched them grow in the last year,” said Mark Ake, who officiated the ceremony. “In their personal lives and in their private lives, they’re just wonderful people. They’re very sweet together.”

Several members of the wedding party work at the restaurant, which Brian and Keisha each said was significant because of the close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere they enjoy, working with people who have come to be more than just friends.

“It’s a family atmosphere, and I think Troy is the type of person who runs a business based on Christian principles,” Keisha said. “There’s nothing better than to have a solid foundation to start a marriage with. I work for a great person, and I couldn’t have asked for a better job.”

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