ELWOOD — On Saturday, police arrested a man accused of attacking an ex-girlfriend, attempting to rape her, threatening her and her autistic son and smashing her vehicle in May.

Shannon Stults, 49, of Bryant, faces charges of intimidation, criminal recklessness, invasion of privacy, residential entry, domestic battery and rape for the May 26 incident. As of Monday night, he was still incarcerated in Madison County Jail on $40,000 bond.

According to Elwood Police Department assistant chief Scott Bertram, the woman was taking out the trash at her apartment complex in the 200 block of South Anderson Street when she turned around and noticed Stults standing in front of her.

Bertram gave the following incident report:

Stults then allegedly shoved her to the ground, ran up the steps to her upstairs apartment and went inside. The woman followed after him and when she got to the stairway, she noticed Stults standing at the top of the stairs holding a knife. He grabbed her and brought her into the apartment, holding a hand over her mouth and keeping the knife at the woman’s throat.

When the two got inside, Stults told the woman’s autistic son to go to his room. He then forced her into a bathroom, then a bedroom, and attempted to rape her. The woman fought off Stults, who then went into the living room, grabbed the boy and threatened to kill him and the woman.

The woman eventually was able to grab the keys to her car, and she ran outside, hoping Stults would follow, taking her son out of harm’s way. She pulled her car very closely in front of Stults’ truck to keep it there, but he smashed the truck into her vehicle and sped off.

Stults already had a protective order against him for an alleged domestic abuse incident with the woman from March. Bertram said he received information Stults was in town on Saturday, and the arrest was made. Bertram said Stults submitted to the arrest without incident.

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