A boy to Christopher A. and Kelly N. Jackson, Middletown, May 15

A girl to Desiree S. Taylor, Anderson, May 15

A boy to Jonathan R. and Kristin G. Davy, Anderson, May 16

A boy to John M. and Stacy D. Inglis, Anderson, May 16

A girl to Michael C. and Kandace K. Johnson, Fishers, May 19

A boy to Danielle W. Numjun and Philip J. Zavala, Anderson, May 19

A boy to Derek E. and January A. Couch, Anderson, May 20

A boy to John D. and Tasha L. Harrington, Markleville, May 2

A boy to John M. and Michelle R. Shirley, Anderson, May 20

A girl to Kara H. Wingate and Lee J. Welch, Pendleton, May 21

A girl to Nellie J. Money and Justin M. Breece, Anderson, May 22

A boy to Mary M. Riggs and Jose L. Jimenez, Alexandria, May 22

A girl to Christopher B. and Courtney R. Wilkinson, New Castle, May 22

A girl to Richard L. and Paisha E. Dowden, Anderson, May 23

A boy to Jessica R. Dean and Joshua W. Mattox, Anderson, May 23

A boy to Shawn A. and Jennifer D. Mollet, Anderson, May 23

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