March 7-May 8, 2008

Gabriel S. Reed, 23, Anderson, and Elizabeth W. Brown, 22, Milford

Robert L. Marshel, 36, Anderson, and Kimberly S. Johnson, 33, Anderson

Jordan B. Pierce, 25, Alexandria, and Heidi B. Hare, 22, Alexandria

Dustin W. Parks, 30, Anderson, and Jessica H. Overman, 33, Alexandria

Charles S. Auler, 40, Alexandria, and Heather Dianne Lafrenz, 26, Alexandria

Aurelius M. Maclin, 25, Anderson, and Laure Gomez, 25, Gary

Eric M. Johnson, 45, Anderson, and Janet A. Duvall, 46, Anderson

James E. Ford II, 32, Anderson, and Lisa M. Harrington, 26, Peru

Brandon T. Dillinger, 24, Greenfield, and Sally M. Hascall, 23, Ingalls

Joshua A. Douglass, 26, Kirklin, and Alicia R. Bever, 25, Frankton

Jesse Edward Dunlap, 29, Anderson, and Jessica Rose Jones, 24, Anderson

Kristopher K. Hunt, 25, Macomb, Ill., and Melissa D. Emond, 22, Pendleton

Joseph E. Fish, 70, Anderson, and Ruby J. Fish, 66, Anderson

Nicholas Aaron Leech, 27, Anderson, and Holly M. Smith, 27, Anderson

James A. Ramey, 21, Elwood, and Kendra P. Ring, 20, Columbus

Eric Dane Martin, 24, Anderson, and Sarah Michelle Fettig, 19, Fishers

Cody D. Estes, 22, Anderson, and Kelly R. Baker, 22, Daleville

Steven R. Dollar, 51, Anderson, and Nancy A. Hobbs, 51, Anderson

Norman D. Anderson, 43, Anderson, and Beonica Marie Johnson, 43, Anderson

Timothy R. Purkey, 33, Pendleton, and Jayme L. Boucher, 31, Pendleton

Barry J. O’Connor, 65, Anderson, and Cathy A. O’Connor, 56, Pendleton

Matthew A. Kidd, 32, New Castle, and Torri D. Kidd, 29, Anderson

Chandos D. Etchison, 52, Cicero, and Jerri L. Hobbs, 50, Elwood

Donald P. Taylor, 35, Pendleton, and Jenise W. Sheridan, 36, Pendleton

Ricky A. Willis Sr., 30, Kokomo, and Kara D. Mitchell, 19, Lapel

Jake A. Berry, 22, Pendleton, and Crystal A. Seelig, 21, Pendleton

Jeffrey L. McFarlin, 40, Alexandria, and Brandy N. Myers, 26, Alexandria

David E. Whitworth, 37, Anderson, and Lisa Ward-Atkinson, 37, Yazoo City, Miss.

Steven A. Matson, 25, Alexandria, and Jaimie A. Thomas, 21, Alexandria

J. Jesus Rodriquez-Hernandez, 32, Anderson, and Alma M.G. Montes-Viurquis, 23, Anderson

Bruce S. Hains, 44, Anderson, and Lydia B. Smith, 42, Anderson

Matthew W. Billingsley, 32, Anderson, and Heather D. Davis, 32, Indianapolis

Philip C. Patrie, 24, Anderson, and Andrea L. Hanstra, 21, Lafayette

James C. Ellegood, 35, Pendleton, and Corina L. Jungbauer, 34, Pendleton

Joseph R. Richards, 32, Anderson, and Mercedes J. Holt, 25, Anderson

Jonathan E. Gibson, 24, Elwood, and Anna M. Pavan, 21, Elwood

Jesse L. Graves, 50, Anderson, and Cathy A. Corpening, 51, Anderson

Kevin L. Davidson, 23, Elwood, and Lori A. Harris, 20, Elwood

Martin A. Hinton, 50, Alexandria, and Alesia A. Diruzza, 47, Alexandria

Shawn A. Hollen, 26, Anderson, and Tia M. Shatswell, Anderson

Gregory M. Reed, 48, Anderson, and Sherry J. Valenti, 40, Anderson

Jeffrey A. Morgan, 46, Anderson, and Jean C. Foreman, 42, Anderson

Brian K. Miller, 28, Anderson, and Helga V. Cardona Perez, 23, Anderson

Kenneth R. Pitcock, 62, Pendleton, and Rhonda K. Smith, 41, Pendleton

Michael A. Mitchell, 30, Elwood, and Patricia J. Jackson, 41, Elwood

Charles A. Davis II, 43, Anderson, and Melinda K. Walker, 34, Mooresville

Ryan A. Humphries, 19, Anderson, and Augusta L.M. Lawless, 18, Anderson

Jeffery D. Shanks, 49, Anderson, and Cathy C. Campbell, 37, Anderson

Frank L. Reynolds, 59, Alexandria, and Rebecca J. McQuitty, 48, Elwood

Claynton S. Soverns, 39, Markleville, and Latisha R. Davis, 28, Markleville

Stephen E. Edgeman, 19, Anderson, and Stephany L. Southard, 19, Anderson

Brent C. Bridwell, 52, Alexandria, and Denise C. Johnson, 50, Alexandria

Brandon E. Leisure, 30, Anderson, and Amanda M. Cravens, 24, Daleville

David A. Cifelli, 39, Anderson, and Michelle L. Brown, 28, Anderson

Alex L. Bare, 22, Greensburg, and Katie J. Gangloff, 22, Anderson

Ryan C. Bates, 38, Anderson, and Camela J. Shadoan, 41, Simpsonville, Ky.

J. Steven Garrett, 59, Anderson, and Tina M. Keihn, 46, Anderson

Matthew I. Green, 24, Greenville, Ohio, andn Lindsey B. Kingery, 19, Pendleton

Todd L. Springfield, 30, Anderson, and Leslie M. Smith, 37, Anderson

Nicholas T. Cohan, 26, Anderson, and Ashley D. Mayes, 22, Anderson

Robert K. Cowles, 52, Anderson, and Sally J. Norrod, 47, Anderson

Terry S. Strange, 24, Anderson, and Jennifer M. Foster, 24, Anderson

Andrew R. Buss, 22, Nappanee, and Laura M. Pagdin, 21, Anderson

Jeremiah J. Norris, 23, Anderson, and Kristian N. Rose, 20, Anderson

Allan C. Francom, 52, Anderson, and Marilyn J. Goodman, 54, Anderson

Robert J. Ridge, 38, Indianapolis, and Linda K. Wilson, 53, Anderson

Joshua J. Myers, 27, Anderson, and Nicole E. Spence, 25, Anderson

Mark E. Gordon, 42, Anderson, and Karla D. Bradley, 34, Anderson

Pablo J. Lopez, 33, Anderson, and Jennifer K. Ruiz, 24, Anderson

Christopher P. Tudor, 22, Lapel, and Sarah A. Neidel, 21, Seymour, Ill.

Cory J. Warner, 32, Summitville, and Nichole R. Boris, 23, Debary, Fla.

Joshua J. Kemker, 27, Connersville, and Holly L. Douglas, 27, Anderson

Mark A. Stellwag, 23, Alexandria, and Kendra L. Kendall, 22, Alexandria

Torrell E. Porter, 57, Alexandria, and Linda L. Duke, 46, Yorktown

Charles L. Armstrong, 53, Anderson, and Sharon K. Paige, 45, Anderson

David T. Bechtel, 22, Elwood, and Kerry L. Ripberger, 25, Elwood

Richard L. Hunnicutt, 50, Anderson, and Constance D. Walker, 42, Camby

Matthew A. Dishman, 38, Anderson, and Kristyna L. Robbins, 30, Anderson

Robert J. Harris, 42, Indianapolis, and Olyvia L. Branch, 26, Anderson

Robert F. Briand, 24, Pendleton, and Jennifer M. Eberle, 23, Pendleton

David L. Harney, 66, Anderson, and Constance L. Rinker, 59, Anderson

David E. Ciempola, 23, Bradenton, Fla., and Brittany M. Bell, 21, Bradenton, Fla.

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