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ANDERSON — Neighbors are raising questions about the apparent murder-suicide of a mother and daughter found dead in a Chester Street home, according to WTHR, news-gathering partner of The Herald Bulletin.

During the 911 call Thursday, the caller said there were two bodies inside the house.

Madison County Coroner Danielle Noone said 86-year-old Gloria Draves and her daughter 60-year-old Angela Foxsong both died from a single gunshot to the head.

Draves died eight to 10 weeks ago, and her body was in the house, with her daughter, until Foxsong took her own life last week.

The coroner also said Foxsong left a suicide note in which she confessed to the crime and noted the date she killed her mother.

Maj. Joel Sandefur, of the Anderson Police Department, said when officers went to the home Thursday, they didn’t have enough evidence to break down a door and go inside.

“We are very cognizant of an individual’s right in their home,” Sandefur said. “When do we violate the privacy of a person’s home based on a tip or a phone call and what are the circumstances behind that? The officers, they did not feel they had sufficient cause to force entry into that house.”

Police did call hospitals that day and went door to door in the neighborhood asking people to report back if they saw or heard anything suspicious.

Then on Saturday, when police got another call, they made entry into the home and found the bodies inside.

The case is being investigated as a murder-suicide, and police are examining all evidence discovered at the home, along with the coroner’s report, before they make a final determination and close the case.

Neighbors expressed shock and confusion.

“We didn’t hear gunshots. We didn’t hear fighting. We didn’t hear anything,” neighbor Megan Lummis told WTHR. “As far as I know they had a decent relationship. I have been bawling my eyes out ever since because Gloria was a sweet lady and didn’t deserve anything like that was done to her.”

Neighbors say they are concerned about something else too – a mystery man – who they say had been living with Foxsong recently.

“Basically they both lived there while Gloria was gone,” Lummis said. “That’s our problem is no one has seen him in the last week or so and that’s what I had called to tell the detective.”

At least one neighbor recalled the man telling her in September that Draves had passed away, months before her actual death.

“We all assumed she was gone and buried. It’s very suspicious and it’s very sad and I’ve been bawling for days,” Lummis said. “I just know there’s something missing from the puzzle.”

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