Nurse practitioner partners with one business, starts another

John P. Cleary | The Herald BulletinTina Baxter operates HIS Solutions Health Care with two other nurse practitioners at 720 W. Eighth St., Anderson, where they train people to assist them in getting certified as certified nursing assistants and qualified medication aides. Last year, Baxter launched a second business, Baxter Professional Services, in the same location.

ANDERSON — One woman has taken all of her experience to build a business and run it the way she wants to.

Tina Baxter and two other nurse practitioners opened HIS Solutions Healthcare, LLC. She now runs the center with Wendy Shannon and Jacqueline Walker.

The women train people to assist them in getting certified as certified nursing assistants and qualified medication aides.

“My partners and I decided we wanted to help other people to get into our workforce in the height of our recession,” she said.

The center started out in a townhouse, but the business has grown. The center, located at 720 W. Eighth St., now has a wellness clinic that can provide primary care and specialty care, particularly with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

As HIS Solutions Healthcare grew, so did Baxter’s inner entrepreneur. About a year ago, she opened Baxter Professional Services.

Baxter Professional Services offers numerous services, but some of the main ones are legal nurse consulting, stress management and helping businesses get up and running. Baxter said she was already providing legal advice on the side, such as going through medical documents, preparing them for court and helping attorneys wade through the medical jargon.

“Having started the other business with the partners, it kind of whet my appetite as an entrepreneur,” she said. “I like seeing things grow from the ground up. This was taking everything I was doing already and puts them in a vehicle to allow it to grow.”

The business is now open in the same building with HIS Solutions Healthcare. Baxter said she has helped a couple of home-care agencies get started, and she helped one business become a limited liability company.

Baxter has been involved in health care since she was 17 years old. She grew up in Toledo, and as part of a high school training program, she worked in the laboratory at Medical College of Ohio.

“When I worked in a lab, I realized I wanted to work in the medical field but I realized I wanted to do something different every day, and when you’re a nurse, your day is different every day.”

She considers her real start in health care being a teenage volunteer in a nursing home, which eventually led to her geriatric specialization as a nurse practitioner.

Anderson University is what brought her to Anderson, where she’s now been for 20 years. She came to the university to acquire her Bachelor of Science in nursing.

Anderson University is where she also met her husband, Daniel "Dale" Baxter, who helps her with her business.

After working at St. John’s and Ball Memorial hospitals, she said she could feel she was rooted in the area.

Now being the chief operating officer of HIS Solutions and the owner of Baxter Professional Services, Baxter feels like the only way is up. Her enthusiasm for growing her own business to incorporate all of her professional skills is obvious.

Walker said she isn’t surprised Baxter opened her own business and described her as very assertive and a go-getter.

“It’s always good to see somebody you’ve worked with grow and branch out and prosper,” she said. “That was something great to see. Especially for a woman in this industry, it’s awesome.”

Westside businesses

To contact HIS Solutions Healthcare, call 765-393-3457.

To contact Baxter Professional Services, call 765-387-8046.

Both businesses are located at 720 W. Eighth St., Anderson.

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