ANDERSON — With the opening of the casino at Hoosier Park, Vipul Modi, general manager of the Clarion Inn on Scatterfield Road, is expecting more crowds at his hotel.

“Yes, we are definitely expecting more business,” he said.

Modi has started the process to replat his land, making it possible to build another hotel next to the Clarion Inn.

However, Modi said, there are no confirmed plans of building another hotel or selling the property.

“As of this point, I have no comment about that,” he said.

At Tuesday’s Anderson Plan Commission meeting, Modi’s contractor Rayl presented plans to change the plat on the property.

The change does present some problems for the city, said Tim Stires, assistant director of the Municipal Department.

By separating the area, Modi reduces his green space from 40 percent to 16 percent, while 25 percent is required.

The Plan Commission approved the first plat review, but it will face the issue again on June 24, at its next regular meeting.

By that time, the city is hoping Modi will sign a covenant that will require him to make changes to the property.

“He has already made an attempt to boost his 16 percent green space by eliminating asphalt areas, taking parts of his parking lot out and putting landscaping in,” Stires said.

The changes proposed will boost the greenspace from 16 percent to 20 percent, still under the limit, so Stires said Modi would be asking for a variance from the requirement.

“We want some kind of guarantee that he’ll follow through with the plans,” Stires said.

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