FORTVILLE — He’s met presidential candidates, baseball teams, candy makers, astronauts and the FBI.

He’s also made of cardboard.

And there are lots of him to go around.

Third-graders at Mount Vernon Elementary School participated in the Flat Stanley project, which involved sending small cutouts of the Flat Stanley book character across the nation and world.

People who received a Flat Stanley were asked to take pictures of themselves doing something with the little cutout and mail the pictures and Stanley back to the school.

Students sent out 30 Flat Stanley cutouts last year and 80 this year. They have received all of the Stanleys back this year except for 10, said Joan Haiden, a teacher for one of the reading classes.

Students took up more than 30 feet of a hallway wall to display the Flat Stanleys and pictures that people sent back.

They set up a map of the country and used red lines to connect the Stanleys to where they had been on the map. A world map was set up, too, because Stanley was sent abroad to countries such as England and China.

Between the maps was a phrase written with construction-paper letters that said “Where in the world is Flat Stanley?”

Students read the Flat Stanley books and learned about the places where their Flat Stanleys were sent. The project teaches students reading, geography and language arts, Haiden said.

One of student Daniel Sund’s Stanleys was sent back from a group of astronauts, which he thought was pretty cool. The astronauts took a picture of the Flat Stanley to make it look like he was floating in zero-gravity within a shuttle.

Student Peyton Wuerch’s Flat Stanley was sent to the Louisville Sluggers. The team sent the Stanley back along with enough baseball bats for the whole class.

Each presidential candidate, except for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, sent a Stanley back to the school.

The fate of Clinton’s Stanley was unclear.


Where in the world is Flat Stanley?

Here are some places that received Flat Stanleys and sent the Stanleys back to Mount Vernon third-graders:

- The FBI. The agency sent back a picture of Flat Stanley on the FBI’s top-10 most wanted list.

- Presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and former candidate John Edwards.

- Astronauts from NASA.

- The Louisville Sluggers baseball team.

- A fudge company in Michigan.

- A school in Ukraine. Students at the school are now pen pals with students at Mount Vernon.

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