ANDERSON — Democrats Antony “Ty” Bibbs, Larry Higgins and Brandon McCoy will face Republicans Larry Crenshaw, Mike Phipps and Steve Sumner in November for the three at-large positions on the Madison County Council.

“I’m feeling wonderful,” Bibbs said. “I’d like to thank the wonderful citizens of Madison County. We’re ready to go 100 percent.”

Bibbs, who ran for Anderson City Council in May 2007 and mayor of Anderson in 2008, said he looked forward to a “nice, healthy contest about the issues” in the fall.

“I want to move the county is a new direction,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working with all the voters in Madison County.”

The Republicans were faced with low turnout because of such a popular Democratic primary race. Because of that, the candidates depended on name recognition for votes, unsuccessful candidate Kevin Sulc said.

Crenshaw said he was surprised by the lack of turnout on the part of the Republicans.

“I know a lot of the Republicans did actually, in fact, switch over, and I think that hurts the integrity of the process,” he said.

Crenshaw and Sumner already serve on county council.

Crenshaw said voters should focus on voting for someone who has experience with county government and finances, as the climate has changed dramatically because of the property tax reform law that went through the Indiana Legislature this winter.

“Experience is going to be important,” he said. “Now is not the time to get experience. This has been the most pivotal year I’ve ever seen. This is not the time to learn the job.”

However, 26-year-old McCoy believes the issues should be at stake, not the experience. McCoy garnered the most votes of any Democrat on the ticket.

“If we increase taxes, there has to be something showing for it,” he said.

Don Ellwood, who ran on the Republican ticket, said he believed the people chosen by the Republicans were able to do the job.

“The three men that won the councilman at-large race are very capable, very intelligent men, and I know that having listened to them at Republican rallies, they’re very dedicated, and I wish them the best of luck,” he said.

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