PENDLETON — Pendleton Heights High Schools’ show choirs have made history as they enter into the Indiana State School Music Association’s Small School State Show Choir Finals on Saturday at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis.

The school is the first in the small schools division to bring two show choirs, Emerald Suites and New Edition, to the finals where they will face off against one another in the Unisex Division.

The 2-year-old New Edition show choir also is the first junior varsity show choir to make state finals.

The Pendletones also will be competing in the Mixed Division.

Pendleton also is the only school in the small group division ever to take three show choirs to the state finals.

“Our kids have this interesting drive and passion I’ve not had at any other schools I’ve been at,” said Pendleton’s show choir director Erin Sprouse. “And they act as a family. I think in the long run that does wonders for their self-esteem and their performance overall.”

Last year, Emerald Suites placed ninth out of 10 choirs, and the Pendletones placed fifth out of nine.

Sprouse said her singers, especially Emerald Suites, have a better chance of placing higher and even possibly winning this year because of all the hard work they have put in.

“They have a little better knowledge of what to expect,” she said.

Emerald Suites will perform a mixture of disco and Broadway music, Pendletones will perform pop, rock and hip-hop under the theme vision, and New Edition will perform throwback music.

Senior Marian Case, 17, a member of the Pendletones, said the choirs always are tweaking their performances, especially after competitions.

“As we get feedback from judges, it’s vital that we change our show,” she said.

As a member of both Emerald Suites and New Edition, it would seem senior Kaitlyn Carter, 18, has a choice to make. But her first loyalty goes to Emerald Suite, she said.

“Suites was my home first. I always want my girls — my homegirls — to win,” she said.

Junior Alex Hardin, 16, is counting on the Pendletones’ hard work and dedication to put them over the top at the finals.

“We put in a lot of extra hours than Mrs. Sprouse required us to,” he said. “If everyone can go out there and give their best performance, whether we win or lose, we can say we did our best.”

Showing support

Members of Pendleton Heights High School’s three competing show choirs have asked that as many members of the South Madison community as possible attend the Indiana State School Music Association’s Small School State Show Choir Finals on Saturday at Franklin Central High School, 6215 S. Franklin Road, Indianapolis. The awards ceremony will be at 9:30 p.m.

Here is the performance schedule:

Unisex Division: Emerald Suites, 9 a.m.; New Edition, 1:30 p.m.

Mixed Division: Pendletones, 6 p.m.

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