PENDLETON — A water main break at a construction site drained Pendleton’s two water towers early Sunday morning, leaving some residents without water and causing the town to issue a 72-hour boil advisory.

“We have a couple of subdivisions under development, and a main broke, basically draining the two towers,” Town Manager Scott Reske said Sunday afternoon. “It happened sometime between midnight and 5 a.m.”

Together, the towers can hold about 800,000 gallons of water.

The water line break occurred on the south side of town in the area of Ind. 67 and 9, according to a Pendleton news release.

Pendleton officials received the first call to report low water pressure just before 6 a.m. Sunday, Reske said. Afterward, the town found the leak and shut off the line, and the towers began to fill up.

The boil water advisory recommends that “customers boil all water used for food preparation, teeth brushing, manual dish washing, ice making, and drinking until further notice.

“Customers are advised to bring the water to rolling boil for at least three minutes, and let it cool before using. ... Water may be used for bathing and washing without boiling.”

The boil water advisory is a “precautionary measure and will be lifted after water service and quality are fully restored and water quality tests verify the safety of the water supply,” the news release states. “The process is expected to take 72 hours.”

Pendleton residents should report further problems should call 888-491-8194 after hours/weekends or 765-778-2173 during business hours.

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