Sarah Lozano

Sarah Lozano: People who want to “talk the talk” should also “walk the walk.”

ANDERSON — Anderson University psychology major Sarah Lozano has acquired a passion for politics — especially social justice issues such as equality, feminism, racial disparity and voiceless minorities.

The 2014 Connections Academy graduate said she sees the fight for equality as “an uphill battle.”

As a college junior, she said she understands that her resources are limited. But she also emphasized the importance of following passions and stating opinions.

Activism, to Lozano, is vital.

As she puts it, people who want to “talk the talk” should also “walk the walk.” Those who post their political opinions online, she said, should actively seek and demand community change.

Now more than ever, the 19-year-old feels empowered to use her voice and encourage activism.

Lozano considers the nation to be politically polarized, which she said prompts some to speak out against injustice. She believes that her generation is more politically involved than generations of the recent past.

“Information travels quickly, so when something becomes important, it explodes, and a lot of people begin to care about it,” Lozano said of the impact of social media.

Political activism may increase issue awareness, but with it comes skepticism. Lozano noted that practicing politics on social media reinforces a stereotype of millennials -- that they merely follow trends rather than committing to long-term change.

“It’s inevitable that ‘millennial issues’ are important to me — I’m a millennial,” she said.

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