Libby Martin

Libby Martin

ANDERSON — While she worked at Intersect only a short time, Libby Martin made a difference advocating for youth in Madison County.

Now Intersect, with help from the Madison County Community Foundation, has started a scholarship to honor her memory.

“It is my hope that, as the scholarship becomes known, our SADD members from our area high schools will strive to reflect Libby’s servant leadership qualities,” said Tami Davis, who serves on the board of Intersect and met Martin when she was a student in a U.S. history class taught by Davis’ husband at Frankton.

“As a high school student, she was mature beyond her years and always so pleasant,” Davis said. “She made everyone feel comfortable and was just a joy to be around.”

Martin died at the age of 29 because of complications following the birth of her daughter, Ava Rose.

The scholarship is intended for a student involved with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) or VOICE, Indiana’s program to encourage kids to live a tobacco-free lifestyle.

To qualify for scholarship consideration, students need a C grade average.

The goal is to raise enough money for a $1,000 scholarship to be given out annually. The scholarship money can be used for college or a vocational school.

Martin oversaw the county’s SADD and VOICE programs, working with sponsors and student leaders at each high school.

Her coworkers describe her as someone who was direct and unafraid to voice her ideas but in a style that wasn’t overbearing.

“When we were in a meeting and she had an idea, she wanted to make sure that we knew what her idea was, and that was fine because everybody respected her in the office and wanted her opinion,” said Karesa Knight-Wilkerson, executive director of Intersect.

As the youngest member of the office, Martin related well to the youth she worked with and was depended on to craft social media posts or tackle new technology, Knight-Wilkerson said.

“You definitely could see what a role model she was to the youth and even to her peers,” coworker Shelly Ross said of Martin.

“She was an asset. She was a friend. She was a coworker. We’re going to miss her,” Ross said.

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