EDGEWOOD — Dan and Tricia “Trish” Daugherty have been using music as an outlet for years.

Sure, Dan’s Music works on guitars and sells them. But the business owners not only look out for themselves.

“For me, music is basically all I’ve done since 13 years old,” Dan said. “As a performer, I started being asked to play in events that benefited the community. And it snowballed.”

The Daughertys enjoy being business owners. Oftentimes, Dan’s Music opens in the afternoon. This could free up time for them to be active in the community.

“To help somebody out or to help raise funds, it makes you feel good giving back,” Trish said.

Amid Elvis Presley and Bo Diddley photos, electric and acoustic guitars spanning every rainbow color and congas, were Anderson Noon Lions Club umbrellas.

“Aren’t they nice?” Trish asked one of Dan’s Music guitar instructors.

The first “Open the Door” concert, put on by Dan’s Music, was a hit in August in Davis Park. With Cops and Robbers, Cousin Brothers and First Light as acts, $3,200 was raised to benefit the Little Red Door Cancer Agency of Central Indiana.

The couple are big advocates for finding a cure. Both annually participate in the Indianapolis’ Race for the Cure.

Dan sports a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation hat and denim shirt. Trish is a 2-1/2 year breast cancer survivor.

“We’ve been involved with Relay for Life before Trish’s diagnosis,” Dan said. “Everybody has friends and relatives who are affected by cancer.”

The business owners also sell tickets for Gourmet Sampler, a one-day event similar to The Taste of Indianapolis to benefit Madison County Special Olympics. Dan and Trish are in charge of Gourmet Sampler’s entertainment.

Dan helps orchestrate lining up the main bands for a country show in the fall at Paramount Theatre Centre.

They’ve even got a big enough soft spot to sell Kiwanis Club nuts, although they’re not members.

Around 3:30 p.m., Dan’s Music guitar instructor Tom Hamm heads toward the back to give Cade Grubbs lessons.

Reagan Grubb, Cade’s father, wanted to give back to Dan since he voluntarily repaired his guitar. When Reagan needs service or a supply, he prefers to visit the Edgewood store instead of chains, said wife Andrea.

As far as Cade, “I think he looks like hot stuff,” said the mother, “because he’s just an 8-year-old boy. He’s dreaming about becoming one of those big-time guitar players.”

Many feet travel to Dan’s Music.

Everybody who walked in from the cold — even for business — small-talked with the business owners.

“That’s one of the coolest things about owning the store,” Dan said. “Most customers that come in here are our friends, so we get to hang with our friends all day.”

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