Food selection at Mounds Mall is slim pickings but expect to taste more options within a couple of months.

The last vestige of Lotus Express and Le Bon Bistro is the mounted, turned-off signs. The Chinese and French cuisine spots shut down the last week of April, but a single operator is expected to open up new businesses.

“We were not pleased with how they operated,” said Ann Boyd, Mounds Mall general manager.

It was a corporate decision to remove Charley’s Grilled Sub, Boyd said, indicating that stand will also be replaced.

Exact opening dates for the new businesses are unknown and particular operators couldn’t be disclosed, Boyd said.

While the new tenants make themselves at home, shoppers can entertain their eyes with another flat-screen TV installed by mid-June at the court.

“We’ve experienced growing pains trying to get the right mix,” Boyd said. “We feel good about the changes, and we feel the customers will like the results.”

The shake-up’s sole survivor, Romo’s Pizza, has been around long enough, 1989, to have established clientele. Owner Oswaldo Romo said, however, that fewer eateries doesn’t promote their business.

“If we have more people here,” Romo said, “the people will come, because they have more choices. Some people think we get more business without competition, but we don’t.”

Kay Jewelers, which opened in March, sits adjacent to the eating area.

“We’re in visual distance from every entrance of the mall,” said Kay Jewelers assistant manager Phil VanSickle. “Typically tenants in all malls who are located near the food mart have greater visibility.

“Mall management is doing everything they can to generate business.”

Boyd said the specialty jewelry brand was a nice addition.

Despite the hungry revamp, consumers can still put their money where their mouth is.

Boyd added that mall-owner Bayview Financial Property houses MCL Cafeteria, Garfield’s Restaurant and Pub and Texas Roadhouse.

“Mounds Mall has done many things for the community, and I would love to see people shop here,” Boyd said. “I’d love to see people spend their money where they make their money.”

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