Westvale Manor lacking laundry facilities for 2 years

Herald Bulletin file photoWestvale Manor has been without laundry facilities for two years. The Anderson Housing Authority is considering a contract to remedy the situation.

ANDERSON — For more than two years, residents of Westvale Manor have been without laundry facilities in the public housing complex.

The Anderson Housing Authority (AHA) board of directors failed to adopt a resolution for a new vendor to provide the services when member Thomas Newman Jr. raised some concerns with the proposed contract.

Kim Townsend, executive director of the Anderson Housing Authority, presented a resolution for the approval of a contract with Wash Multifamily Laundry Services of California.

Because only four of the board members were present on Wednesday when Newman cast a no vote on the contract, it blocked approval.

“I have problems with the whole concept,” Newman said. “It is seven years for four washers and four dryers.

“This is not a local company,” he said. “We should give a local business the opportunity. Maybe someone operating in Anderson will be interested.”

Newman said the term of the contract only allows the Housing Authority to terminate the contract 90 days before it would expire.

“There is nothing in the contract that requires they have to maintain the equipment,” he said. “There is no remedy if the company doesn’t provide the services.”

Newman said he wants a laundry at Westvale but doesn’t want the Housing Authority to be taken advantage of by the contract.

Townsend said the company is paying the Housing Authority $7,500 to lease space in Westvale Manor and will share profits with the agency.

She said the projected monthly revenues will be $810.

Townsend said there were three bids received for providing the laundry service at Westvale Manor.

“I’m confident we will win,” she said. “We will have a good laundry room that is remodeled with new equipment.

“I implore the board to approve the resolution,” Townsend said before the vote.

The board decided to have Newman meet with AHA attorney John Garmon and Townsend to discuss changes in the contract.

Kia Litherland has lived at Westvale Manor for a couple of years and said the machines in the laundry don’t work.

“That would be good,” she said of new laundry equipment. “I would use them.”

Litherland, like other residents, said it would keep them from having to drive to the laundromat on 29th Street.

Willie Jackson Jr. has lived at Westvale Manor for 10 years and didn’t use the laundry.

“I don’t use the laundry because the tenants don’t keep it clean,” he said. “When I first moved here, I tried it and decided no.”

Jackson said there were only two washers and one dryer.

“That would be nice if they brought in four washers and dryer,” he said. “I would use it if the tenants keep it clean.”

Resident Tynnette Khead has lived in Westvale Manor for a year and there hasn’t been a laundry available.

“I would use it if they put new machines in here,” she said. “It would be more convenient.”

Her sister Markale Cole said she drives her sister to the laundry on 29th Street.

“It would be wonderful,” she said of the proposal. “It would be convenient for everybody if it was here.”

The nearest laundromat to Westvale Manor is at 2901 Noble St. or Eighth Street and College Drive.

A second resolution for updating of the agency’s website with Solutions of Pendleton was also tabled when Newman raised similar objections to termination language in the contract.

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