ANDERSON – A week after a suit was levied against the Anderson Housing Authority, alleging requests for fixes were being ignored at Westvale Manor, residents say nothing has changed.

The closest 10-year resident Regina Jones has seen to a difference is that the grass was mowed; however, the back door of one of the apartment buildings is still being held closed with string because the doorknob was broken years ago. On another building a light hangs, ripped from its housing, with seemingly live wires exposed.

That’s not even to mention the other, seemingly smaller, stuff that Jones says she deals with daily.

When she moved in, Jones had no problem going up and down the stairs that lead to her apartment. Now, a worsening disability means she sometime has to pause on her way up the stairs to catch her breath and let the pain subside.

She’s asked to be moved to a first-floor apartment but said, “It’s been almost three years and they ain’t done it yet.”

“I’ve been calling and calling and calling,” she said, but eventually gave up. “I probably should have kept on them.”

Maggie Davis, who’s lived at Westvale for five years, said she isn’t surprised a lawsuit hasn’t changed anything.

“(Residents) have been talking about it but they aren’t really believing it because they haven’t been doing nothing,” she said.

Like nearly every resident of Westvale, Davis has her horror story. Hers comes in the form of a hole above her shower that allowed the woman living above her to see down into her shower.

Although the hole was eventually fixed upstairs, after several calls to the office, Davis said, water sometimes drips from the hole. Davis is worried the water could mean her ceiling is ready to cave in like some other residents have experienced, according to the complaint filed by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana.

Davis said the fact that she doesn’t really expect anything to change, despite a federal lawsuit, is infuriating.

“Wrong is wrong, that’s it,” she said.

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