INDIANAPOLIS — A licensed practical nurse has been disciplined by the Indiana State Board of Nursing for two incidents involving patients at Rawlins House Health & Living Community in Pendleton.

Glenda L. Cox, of Lapel, has had her nursing license placed on indefinite probation for a minimum of two years and must inform the nursing board of any changes to her residential address and employer while her license is on probation.

Cox is also prohibited from working as a supervisor or in a supervisory position for the first year of her probation period and the board has ordered that her nursing employer must submit quarterly reports to the board about her duties, responsibilities, character and performance as a nurse.

Rawlins House terminated Cox on Jan. 30, 2018, for “sleeping on duty per security video footage.”

An administrative complaint was filed against Cox on Aug. 7, 2019, for an incident on Nov. 27, 2017, and Jan. 31, 2018, at Rawlins House.

The Indiana State Department of Health investigated Rawlins House regarding the incidents. Employees at Rawlins House told state investigators that Cox was mean and rude to residents and would not give residents their pain medications and force them to ask for it repeatedly.

The state found Cox “falsified, omitted, or destroyed documentation of nursing actions” when she admitted to documenting the administration of medications to patients, but “had another nurse administer the medications at a later time.”

Cox was also cited as violating several state laws when she placed one of the residents in a Broda chair next to the nursing station dressed only in a pair of socks while she slept on duty.

Rawlins House reviewed security video footage of the incident that showed the resident in a reclined Broda chair to keep him from getting up for almost four hours.

The state said Cox “used unsafe judgment, technical skills or inappropriate interpersonal behaviors” that constituted unprofessional conduct by using the chair as a form of restraint. She also violated the patient’s right to dignity, privacy and confidentiality when she put the resident in the chair partially dressed.

“Respondent abused a patient verbally, physically, emotionally or sexually when she physically restrained Resident D in a Broda chair against facility policy and against Resident D’s plan of care and when she forcefully administered medication to Resident J,” according to the complaint.

The discipline action against Cox was approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing on Jan. 16 and filed with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency on Feb. 13.

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