As of Wednesday, Confederate flags were taken down from a vendor’s display at the Madison County 4-H Fair.

ALEXANDRIA — A vendor at the Madison County 4-H Fair was asked to remove Confederate flags from his display Wednesday after the Alexandria Kiwanis Club received calls asking them to respond to complaints.

Kiwanis Club President Brian Donahue said both he and Rick Davidson, the fair’s outside vendor manager, politely asked the vendor to take down the flags Tuesday evening. They said the vendor, who identified himself as Brad, complied and apologized for causing issues for the Kiwanis Club.

“We said, ‘there are people that are offended by this’ and to be honest, he was very cooperative,” Donahue said. “He said ‘I’m sorry if I caused the Kiwanis any controversy’ or something like that.”

Kiwanis Club member Terri Brenner said the vendor was told to remove four flags, including the Confederate flag and a flag depicting Donald Trump urinating on Joe Biden’s name.

Brenner and other Kiwanis Club members said a man from Elwood approached them and asked where the vendor was selling his flags of Donald Trump urinating on Joe Biden’s name. The man came to the fair for that reason, but he did not clarify whether he was for or against the flag.

“We appreciated everyone’s feedback,” Donahue said. “Everybody that called appreciated us addressing it. That’s why we were able to handle this situation in a calm and conversational manner.”

A worker at the vendor’s booth on Wednesday said he was upset with the newspaper for drawing attention to his products and declined to comment further.

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