Madison County Jail

The Madison County Detention Center in Anderson was built in 1982 with a capacity of 207.

ANDERSON – A “strike team” from the state health department has tested 14 inmates at the Madison County Detention Center for the coronavirus, Sheriff Scott Mellinger said Thursday.

The inmates are being housed in a quarantine cellblock for 14 days, Mellinger said. He is awaiting the test results.

Beginning three weeks ago, all new inmates have been placed in a temporary seven-day cellblock. If the inmates show no symptoms, they are placed in the general jail population, the sheriff said.

In addition to the quarantine cellblock, an isolation unit has been used twice, according to Mellinger.

The state’s strike teams, comprised of health care workers, are sent to sites where an outbreak of the virus has occurred. The teams work with local officials to implement health measures and test workers and others.

DAILY COUNTY REPORTFor the second consecutive day Thursday, the state health department reported no new COVID-19 deaths in Madison County. The department’s daily dashboard showed Madison County with an increase of three people who have tested positive for the virus.

The total number of people with a positive coronavirus test stood at 146 in the county. Eleven have died. A total of 583 county residents have been tested, according to the state health department.

However, Stephenie Grimes, administrator of the Madison County Health Department, said the state report does not accurately reflect the number of cases and deaths in the county.

“The reporting is not keeping up,” she said. “I’m aware of additional deaths and positive tests that are not on the state’s daily dashboard.”

Grimes said the county now has the ability to test people who have died to determine whether they had COVID-19.

According to the state, 245 Hoosiers have died of the virus; an increase of 42 from Wednesday’s report. Among 32,133 people tested, 6,351 Indiana residents have tested positive.

The state revised its estimate Thursday of when the COVID-19 infections will peak in Indiana. The peak is now projected to occur on April 16, not April 19.

The state announced a significant increase in the number of deaths being reported in neighboring Hamilton County. Sixteen new deaths in the county were reported Thursday after 10 were reported Wednesday. There have been 395 positive tests in Hamilton County.

Marion County has recorded 81 COVID-19 related deaths and Lake County has 19 deaths.

The mortality rate for Madison County remains at 13%.

Demographics for the state provided by the ISDH show the largest age group with positive cases is from 50 to 59.

Fifty-five percent of those who’ve tested positive are women.

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