Elwood City Cemetery

A headstone overturned at the Elwood City Cemetery on Thursday. Three children between the ages of 5 and 8 were seen smashing ceramic figurines and angels on Tuesday.

ELWOOD — Three children between the ages of 5 and 8 were seen vandalizing the Elwood City Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.

More than 30 headstones were knocked over and several ceramic figurines and angels were taken off graves and smashed in the street, said Marian Dunnichay of Dunnichay Funeral Home.

One of the sections damaged was baby land, where infants are buried.

A good Samaritan observed the activity, followed the children home and reported them to police.

“They were seen literally taking ceramic figurines and angels and things like that off the graves and smashing them in the middle of the street,” Dunnichay said.

“I can’t wrap my head around children doing something like that.”

The headstones were not damaged, and by Thursday afternoon, cemetery manager Kevin Leisure said, all except for about a dozen had been set back upright.

Larger stones requiring more manpower to lift are the ones still to be righted. He said it would take a couple of workers two to three days to get everything back upright.

“It takes time and money to do it,” Leisure said.

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