As we approach Indiana’s 2025 goal — that at least 60% of Hoosiers have education and training beyond high school — the commission has released its first annual report card to track progress toward fulfilling the plan’s key metrics and action items. Currently, the state’s attainment rate is at 48.3%, meaning we have less than four years left to close an 11.7 percentage point gap.

Can we first just say how bizarre it is?

You can’t make this stuff up, people say, when a tale seems too crazy — or awful — to be true. Here in South Carolina, where storytelling is a time-honored ritual bound to front porches and swampy nights, it’s a common refrain, even if everybody knows that stories of local origin rarely need…

WASHINGTON — After the Supreme Court recently refused to block a Texas law that makes it functionally very difficult to offer abortion services in the state, people began to ponder in earnest what a post-Roe future might look like. There's a lot of uncertainty about which states would allow …


I have been in the educational world for a long time. My professional years number 44, and, if you count the years as a student, tack on another 20. I have seen many styles of teaching and many paths to learning

The departures from Afghanistan and Vietnam are not the same. But they raise the same haunting question.

It’s been five years since I first speculated in this space about the end of American democracy.

After an enjoyable, but tiring, trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I beat out the rains on my mowing and set myself up for some fishing. My first two attempts were rained out, however, a dark sky and some light drizzle were not enough to keep me at bay Monday evening.

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The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were felt on a national level, and communities throughout the country pulled together for defense and healing.

It speaks volumes about the world today that a US president was more worried about the Taliban looking weak than about his Western allies. Britain, France and Germany asked President Joe Biden…


There really is more than corn in Indiana. The row crop remains among the Hoosier State’s top farm products along with soybeans, but Indiana’s agriculture is more diverse than you might realize.

As Afghanistan comes under control of the Taliban in the wake of U.S. troop withdrawals, Republican and Democratic leaders are racing to shift the blame in a display of political theater that ought to be fully transparent.

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