The January 16 Triad meeting will be at the UAW hall on the corner of 29th Street and Madison Avenue at 10:30 a.m. Our speaker will be Adam C. Hiatt, a financial advisor, who will talk about how to combat financial fraud.

Some of the research that Mr. Hiatt has studied that may be able to protect seniors’ resources will be discussed. For example, asking a promoter for more information or for references is not enough because thieves have no incentive to give accurate information.

Instead, you should talk to a family or trusted friend before making an important decision regarding finances. You should understand that these investments are important and you do not want to make a big mistake.

Be careful of unsolicited thieves and their offers. These thieves use email, faxes and internet postings to create illusory promotions that may make people think they’re saving big money.

Some of the protections you should be aware of are personal information such as your Social Security numbers, bills that do not arrive as expected, unexpected credit card or account statements and denials of credit for no apparent reason.

Another way to protect your resources is to be aware of government agencies that can help you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has many other agencies that look into their investigations, too.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and its Internet Crime Complaint Center can also help investigate frauds. Also, the U.S. Postal Service has plenty of employees who can investigate frauds. The Securities and Exchange Commission also does fraud investigations.

In Indiana, there is a lot of law enforcement that may be close to you if you have been a victim of frauds. You have the Indiana State Police covering the state. In your town you have city police departments, and the Indiana Secretary of State has a lot of investigators. The Indiana Attorney General has plenty of investigators, including attorneys who to go to court. There are plenty of other government agencies, law enforcement agencies and attorneys to help you protect your resources.

Hiatt is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and is very sincere about helping people who have been victims of fraud. Senior citizens are among those most often targeted by con artists. They find the seniors as older victims and may be hesitant to report their losses to law enforcement agencies.

Coffee and pastries will be available before Thursday’s meeting.

Dennis Lanane is chairman of Madison County Triad. He can be reached at

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