Artist Andy Warhol once said in the future everyone will achieve 15 minutes of fame. My grandkids got a headstart in that direction, of course, given their grandpa’s proclivity for dropping their names in this column. But they’re starting to gain a little notice on their own.

Three of the five, for instance, have had their picture in the paper. So did all of their moms when they were growing up. And I didn’t have a thing to do with any of them (although I did point out their identity to the photographer a couple of times).

Daughters Rachel and Sarah were included in a rainy-day shot while walking to school one day. And their twin sisters Becky and Ruth caught THB photographer John Cleary’s eye while playing in a pile of leaves on our front boulevard.

Sarah’s daughter LeeAnn was photographed swinging a bat three years ago at Mounds State Park on the 4th of July. A year later Ruth’s son, Ronnie, while they were living in Minnesota, made the front page of the New Ulm Journal interacting with a young friend during a church social.

Now 10-year-old Courtney, one of Becky’s two, has joined them in transitory celebrity. Her picture was in the Noblesville Daily Times last month as part of the May Day festivities at Hazel Dell Elementary School.

Her brother Jason, 3, will have to wait his turn, I suppose. That is if he ever slows down enough for a camera to catch him. And Rachel’s son, Cameron, 3, has a good bit more competition for space in the Cincinnati paper, although I think there is a weekly paper in their suburb of Monroe. And he’s another one who’s difficult to catch with a still photo.

LeeAnn, who has just turned 8, isn’t ready to rest on her laurels, though. She sings in the Anderson Area Children’s Choir, and her professed ambition is to be on American Idol. On Mother’s Day she sang a solo in church, about the fourth one she has done.

In fact her proud grandparents had to make a decision that day, since Ronnie, now 4, is in his church’s children’s choir at Greenfield and was singing the same day. Fortunately we had heard essentially the same program a couple of weeks earlier.

That weekend was particularly hectic. We had to rush back from Greenfield for an AACC performance in Frankton. But grandparents have to do what grandparents have to do.

Next up is figuring out a good time to take in one of Courtney’s Little League softball games in Noblesville. That activity keeps Becky running, and I imagine it stirs memories of the lone year she and Ruth played Little League in Anderson. How we kept up with them in those days I still haven’t figured out.

And a time or two we’ve taken in son-in-law Eddie’s church league slow-pitch softball games.

Retirement years are supposed to be a rocking-chair time. Not when you have a big family, let me tell you.

And it’s due to get bigger. Within the month Ruth is due to deliver grandchild No. 6. That will keep us occupied for a while, I’m sure.

And of course that 15 minutes of fame for the latest arrival awaits the opportune moment. I hope we’re around to see it.

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