Afghan girls, women

must get our help

With everything going on in Afghanistan, it is more important now than ever to protect the women and girls at risk. On Aug. 15, 2021, the Taliban took over Kabul following U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Reintroducing the Taliban to governmental power has detrimental effects on the livelihoods of women and girls in the country. In fact, this transition has the potential to reverse progress in the fight for gender equality within Afghanistan.

At The Borgen Project, you can email the White House and urge President Biden to protect the women and girls of Afghanistan.

As always, God bless our troops, and thank you for reading my letter.

Sydney Rusche, Lapel

Close the border, President Biden

Letter sent to President Biden: The influx of illegal immigrants entering our wonderful country along our Southern border is total insanity.

The American public cannot afford to pay for the welfare of these illegal immigrants; we’re barely hanging on now to provide for our own families.

I am a blessed 70-year-old born and raised in Indiana, and I am begging you, close our Southern border immediately to ensure the freedom and safety of U.S. citizens

Sept. 11 marked the 20th anniversary of our nation being attacked by foreign terrorists, and the proud, loyal, dedicated American citizens deserve more than what our elected officials are providing. We deserve and expect freedom and safety from our enemies.

Closing the Southern border shouldn’t be a “political agenda item” … closing the border is what the citizens of the USA need now.

Brenda Friend, Pendleton

Not about rights

but responsibilities

I’m losing patience with people who cry freedom as they refuse to be vaccinated or wear a mask in public places. “It’s my body, and I decide what I put into it. I’m free to do as I choose — I’m not hurting anybody.”

These people distrust the surgeon general and Dr. Fauci and the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but they trust some yahoo on the internet who advises them to try a horse dewormer or a fool who advises injecting bleach.

These are notions based not on science but on a mistaken notion about freedom.

Freedom is not an unlimited right that relieves us of responsibility to the rest of society. I value freedom, too, but I’m not free to drive 100 mph through a neighborhood, to sell cocaine or heroin, to ignore traffic signs or smoke in a confined space around others. We’re not free to ignore these and other necessary limitations that preserve civility and safety in our communities.

Likewise, mistaken notions of personal freedom don’t free us from doing our part to move beyond the pandemic through masking and vaccinations.

Very few medical problems are associated with the vaccines — a few issues out of millions vaccinated, certainly much less to worry about than contracting the virus or fostering a new variant. Even 90% of Fox News people bad-mouthing vaccines have been vaccinated. Please stop refusing to do your part. Not freedom but the health of our communities is the issue.

Stephen Guy, Daleville

Tanglewood camp loss deprives kids

It’s a shame that Anderson Community Schools district has failed to maintain the lodges at Tanglewood, where hundreds of kids have enjoyed the summer camps and special events. They could learn about nature, cook over campfires and just have fun.

Back in 1993, the county deeded the land to ACS with the understanding that summer camp would still be available. ACS was supposed to maintain the two lodges — the older one was originally the county tuberculosis hospital.

A small fee was to be paid by the volunteers running camp. This fee has been paid every year, yet ACS has not maintained the two lodges.

The original lodge has animals in the roof, and it’s falling down. In the other lodge, the ceiling is coming down due to a water leak. Water also got under the floor, so ACS just took up the tiles and left the mess.

Neighbors use the campsites as their own, for campfires and parties. One walks his dog (which scares kids there for activities), and he was asked not to do so when kids are there, but he ignores the adults. This is a safety hazard. Some volunteers have used their own money to fix some things.

Now, it’s come to the point that due to ACS not maintaining the buildings — they do so for the Conference Center, even putting blacktop on the gravel road that goes to the Conference Center and not the rest of the roads — thus forcing the closing of the kids having camp.

Donna Pettigrew, Anderson

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