The high school postseason is well underway and, for some sports, has already been completed.

It is a time that brings about a myriad of emotions, excitement and exhilaration as well as disappointment and sadness.

This is true for the fans, parents and the teams as they get fired up to cheer on their schools and compete for tournament success while also realizing — one way or the other — the season is coming to an end. It’s even a greater realization for seniors and their families as their careers are winding down.

High school beat writers are not immune to this set of mixed emotions.

Each season is its own. There are the expected successes as well as the big surprises that make for the interest and excitement. There is no shortage of athletes, teams and coaches we get attached to and look forward to seeing in action. While we look forward to the energy that comes with postseason play, we also dread the postgame interviews with a coach or player whose season has ended earlier than they had hoped.

Perhaps even a greater source of stress on my end is that we simply can’t be everywhere. There will be games and matches we simply cannot get to, and there is the potential there will be championship games logistics won’t allow us to cover in person.

Our outstanding correspondents — Mike Battreall and Phil Beebe — have expanded their availability for next week, which is a big help for us, and I am greatly appreciative. While I apologize for us not having the manpower to be at every event, the aid from Mike and Phil is immeasurable.

For me, personally, that is little solace for the feeling there are already some great athletes I have seen compete for the last time.

Pick a sport, any sport. There are athletes and teams that are just flat out entertaining to watch, coaches and players that are fun to interview and student sections that make attending a sporting event even more exciting.

But, instead of dwelling on that, I am going to try to focus on the positives.

Golf and tennis have already wrapped up and gave us so much to remember, which could be a harbinger of things to come as soccer and cross country start their postseason this week, volleyball next week and football in a few weeks.

Although it won’t be every play, Mike, Phil and I will bring as much of the ups and downs of the fall postseason to readers as possible.

Because there is a possibility of success beyond where the three of us can be, we will try to bring as thorough a roundup of the weekend action as we possibly can of the events we could not attend.

It is this way in every season. There are simply too many things going on at once for us to cover everything, and fall 2021 is no different.

But, as always, we will do the very best we can.

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