Staging your home for sale is more than just removing furniture, pictures, and knickknacks. It is essentially presenting your home in its best possible light so that potential buyers can visualize their belongings, and their lives, in your home.

First impressions count, so make certain the outside looks neat and tidy, as well as inviting and safe, as buyers approach the house. Especially at this time of year, ensure your yard is nicely mowed, shrubs are neatly trimmed, mulch is freshly spread and flowers are attractively planted.

Verify the roof is clean and all the gutters are free of debris. Confirm you have downspouts with splash blocks or guttering that will take the rain water away from the foundation of the home.

Power wash the siding, overhangs, and walks to remove all spider webs and/or dirt to give your home an upgraded look. Apply a fresh coat of paint to any areas that are unappealing.

In addition, there are several things you can do to highlight your home’s interior features.

Wash the windows and open the blinds to allow as much natural lighting as possible to make each room appear bigger and brighter.

Clear away clutter, remove excess furniture, and open counter space in the kitchen and baths to make your home seem more spacious.

Organize closets to avoid overcrowding; most buyers will open them to look inside and check for size.

Patch any holes and paint walls and ceilings, as needed. It is best to apply a fresh coat of neutral paint so it will appeal to most buyers.

Inspect carpets and drapes; clean and/or replace, if necessary.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Many buyers consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home and, therefore, are particularly eager to see it. Make it welcoming by adding a vase of fresh-cut flowers or even baking a loaf of bread or some cookies.

Guarantee it is clean and organized, because a dirty kitchen is a quick and absolute turnoff to most buyers. Clean the refrigerator plus remove all pictures, magnets, etc.; make it shine. Most buyers will open the door to look inside. If you have a pantry, arrange it to create a roomy appearance.

Be certain that your bathrooms sparkle. If your bathrooms have tile with outdated colors, an easy fix is to paint them by first using a special high adhesion primer, and then brushing on special ceramic epoxy paint. This will give the tile a fresh new look without a lot of expense, and it will really enhance the appearance of your bathrooms.

Odors will drive buyers away; make certain pet and smoke odors are not a factor. Put in pleasant smelling deodorizers or burn subtly scented candles to create a warm and friendly feeling where potential buyers will want to linger.

Go through your entire home as if you were a buyer. Scrutinize everything. Buyers will see the value in this, and it will make for an easy sale for you.

Ted Moss is president of the Anderson/Madison County Association of Realtors. His column appears the second Sunday of each month.

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