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It is never too early to teach accountability for one’s actions, and accountability is certainly what is needed following the vandalism of Falls Park in Pendleton.

While we don’t know the ages of the perpetrators, the crime itself was decidedly juvenile.

Kids will be kids. We’ve heard this old adage a thousand times.

It is true that kids will be kids and this is all the more reason for adults to be adults.

We aren’t without a sense of humor, and we can certainly appreciate a harmless prank. However, this was neither a prank, nor harmless. This was a crime and not a victimless one.

A prank is meant to be funny. Even the victim of the prank should be able to laugh, assuming he or she has a good sense of humor and is able to have a chuckle at one’s own expense.

At Falls Park, no one is laughing.

The obscenities spray painted on the walls deprives the community of enjoying the park and deprives the community of tax money that will now have to be used to repair the damage.

Some of the graffiti included a smashed frog stuck to the wall, which should cause some of the adults in the community to take notice. Killing small animals for laughs is generally not a sign of a well-adjusted child.

We encourage the parks department at Pendleton to consider installing security cameras to discourage any further vandalism and to hold perpetrators accountable.

We also encourage the parents of the perpetrators to bring them forward, so that they take the first step toward becoming responsible members of their community, and offer to do whatever is necessary to repair the damage they’ve done.

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