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Whether a community is a good place to live sometimes depends on perspective, as illustrated by two recent studies that, alternately, paint Anderson with positive and negative strokes.

Business Insider ranked Anderson the 35th most miserable city in the nation, mainly due to the massive job loss caused by closing of the GM plants, which led to population loss.

However, a study by e-commerce software company Volusion placed central Indiana, specified as the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson area, 10th in cities with the highest percentage of female business owners. According to the study, 34% of business owners in our region are women.

While the number of women in business has been increasing since 1950, it seems that central Indiana is among the areas leading the way.

We can reasonably assume that some of the area businesswomen are natives and others moved here from somewhere else. There is something about Anderson that makes it a welcoming home for businesswomen, and we doubt it’s the misery.

Of those businesswomen who are long-term residents, many of them no doubt were here for the shuttering of the GM plants and opted to stay here and face the challenges ahead.

When determining which study carries more weight, we consider that misery is subjective, and no one surveyed residents to ask if they are, in fact, miserable. The number of female business owners in the area is a solid fact and should be seen as a sign that we’re doing something right.

Although we may be a little biased in favor of our community, the numbers don’t lie.

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